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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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1 Send a card or a love letter. People think this activity has died with the gentlemen, so prove them wrong. To further cut the cost and maximize the impact of the gesture, don’t show up that day. (Consider this charity work, too – help revive the post office.)

2 Yes to double-purpose gifts. Make sure your gift to your partner addresses an immediate need. For example, a bouquet of nuggets or a home-cooked meal, so you don’t have to buy food. Think about giving a mat, which you can use for an outdoor date. P20 did yon sa Rizal Park.

3 Go to the park. Filipinos don’t use parks to their full potential. Go for a walk – or run – with your partner. Or, cook at home, eat there.

4 Think “strategic placement.” If you really have nothing, benefit from other people’s romantic gestures. Find a place where someone else’s fireworks display or aromatic food can be taken in by you and your date’s senses. Just do not disturb the other date.

5 Consider group dates. Wholesale is cheaper. Same rule applies.

6 Use what you have. Look within. You must have a talent (or some confidence) that you can use to your advantage. If you can sing, sing. Dance. Stay at home and plant a “tree of love” or something. Look for movies on your laptop.

7 Do something you don’t like doing. In connection to No. 6, if you have no talent, whatsoever, novelty and your humiliation are always an option. If you don’t like to iron clothes, do them now – just do not burn anything.

8 Borrow. Why not? Instead of renting a car for that “I love you” stunt, hiram ka sa friends and relatives. Also consider

9 Recycle. Yes, use the couple shirt from last year – again. Di ba, environment warrior?

10 Delaying tactics. Valentine’s Day is a capitalist endeavor. The pressure to do something sweet is on for everyone in a relationship or attempting one. As a result, the price of the usual romantic deeds is cranked up. Flowers. An Uber ride. A hotel room (wink, wink). If you can’t do anything avant-garde (LOL), just send that text saying: “Bebegurl, next Tuesday na lang. Bawi ako.” Vaughn Alviar

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