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OCTOBER 27, 2022

nuggets flowers

Look, we like flowers as much as anyone, but you have to admit roses for V-Day is becoming a little too cliché.

There are so many imaginative and creative ways to show your love—or like or postmodern, unlabeled feelings—for your “person.” But if you really want to go traditional with a bouquet, why not choose one with an unconventional (and edible) twist?

Here are some of Super’s ideas to update this V-Day classic:

Chicken nuggets

nuggets flowers

We all know that one person who’s crazy about these crispy-fried, golden goodness. Run to the nearest grocery store, buy a bag of chicken nuggets and fry those babies up. Better yet, buy a dozen at your nearest McDonald’s. Pierce the nuggets with sturdy barbecue sticks, and you’re good to go.

French fries

fries flower

Fries is life. Just imagine that wide smile from your lover if you give him/her a bunch of fries on V-Day. For plus points, why not go for multiple flavors, I hear Potato Corner has a lot of those. Buy a couple of the regular-sized fries—or go big, or go home—put them in clear plastic bags, attach thick barbecue sticks, then arrange them as you please.

Chocolate-coated strawberries or chocolate candies

strawberry flower

To go full-on traditional, why not combine all classic V-Day gifts into one amazing bouquet bonanza? Strawberries coated with dark chocolate are always a good choice. Your bae not fond of the fruit? Buy him/her a a bunch of chocolate candies (the individually packaged variety), and then arrange them into a bouquet. The key here is the presentation.

And finally, fried chicken

leg flowers

Just imagine, a dozen of golden-fried chicken drumsticks skewers all wrapped in wax paper and tied with a giant red bow? This is true love, people!

Let’s be honest:

All we want on Valentine’s Day, is a leg-and-thigh ChickenJoy bouquet


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