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The fitness industry is on the verge of collapse. Last May, Gold’s Gym filed for bankruptcy. With the general community quarantine in place…

The ‘fashionably ergonomic’ brand Joey Mead King loves

A proudly Filipino brand, harlan + holden focuses on cuts that smooth the fabric over the figure, instead of tailoring it to the body. This allows a woman to move freely and fluidly.

Joey Mead King appreciates the subtle but dramatic display of the skin that’s enhanced by the movement of the fabric.

“I call harlan + holden fashionably ergonomic. They are so complementary to so many women. You can be in a workplace or cocktail, and be very much in control of who you are. You are elegant and subdued, but have a big pop to yourself because it’s a style and cut that you haven’t seen around town.”

harlan + holden’s BC collection consists of wrinkle-free, unfussy, minimalist wardrobe basics, accentuated with such trademarks as supple pleats, cropped hems and soft gathers. Basic tops and dresses slide under the collarbone to form a gentle cowl.

“There are many pieces that represent the woman that I am,” said King.

She can look powerful in dark, fluid pants and an extended-sleeve shirt, or a quietly sensual blouson with a slim wrap skirt that opens to reveal some leg.

She recommends the pencil skirt with extensions to most women. “It complements many shapes because it’s slimming. It’s not your typical skirt because of the drama at the end, and this gives character. Wear it with a T-shirt or tank top with a regular or cropped blazer. The black skirt suits many figure types and is elongating.”

She also suggests the T-shirt dress for its practicality. “You can eat anything you want the whole day, and no one will notice. I love the pockets. They make you look chic.”

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