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"Dancing Muntjacks," installation from reclaimed wood by Joel Stockdill—GRACE DE LUNA

What You Missed During Wonderfruit 2017

"Dancing Muntjacks,"  installation from reclaimed wood by Joel Stockdill—GRACE DE LUNA
“Dancing Muntjacks,” installation from reclaimed wood by Joel Stockdill—GRACE DE LUNA

1. The experience of camping. While some people decided to book hotels rather than camp, we still think it’s best to relish your stay on the grounds of Chon Buri. With so many things happening all at once, you wouldn’t want to miss anything as you go back and forth your hotel. There’s even a bar inside the camping grounds.

We’re glad that the festival’s maintenance team made it a point to make sure showers and latrines are clean and accessible. Plus, it’s free! If you don’t want to pitch your tent, you can opt to try boutique camping, where bell tents are already set up.

2. Wonder Salon. There is an actual salon at the festival. After getting your desired hair treatment, you can also get braids, henna tattoos, try body painting, body marbling, glittering, etc. Just beside it is the official festival tiangge, where you can get your next Bohemian-inspired ensemble.

3. Jess Connelly and Lustbass vibing in Pattaya. Imagine watching two of the best artists in the Philippines perform in another country and seeing expats appreciate them the way you do. We could not be prouder of Jess Connelly and producer Lustbass when foreigners started approaching us to ask about their work. The duo performed at the Solar Stage just right before sunset.

4. “Adam and Steve” drag show inside the “Forbidden Fruit.” With the glowing red lights and Chinese lanterns inside the tent, you’d think you’re inside Black Market’s Mao Den. But enter the drag queens with their runway show and it becomes 10 times better. If God created Adam and Eve, Wonderfruit made a platform for Adam and Steve, and everyone in between.

5. After hours party at The Quarry. Despite being a family-friendly event, a part of the venue called “The Quarry” is dedicated to nightly debauchery of epic proportions. This is where PG-13 parties happen after midnight. DJs from all over the world play in this outdoor setup.

6. The great mix of people. You’ll find yourself talking to different people from all over the world. With Wonderfruit’s fame with European and American backpackers and locals, it’s the best place to turn on your Tinder. Kidding aside, the exchange of stories and culture over food, drinks or even massages, makes the experience even more memorable.

7. Power Nap. Believe it or not, there is a daily festival activity called “Power Nap” where you will be put to sleep by the sound of gongs. It’s a real treat and a real escape from reality where you’re also taught how to meditate and clear your mind.