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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Dr. Aivee Teo in her clinic, in Tibi dress, Dior shoes —ALEXIS CORPUZ
Dr. Aivee Teo in her clinic, in Tibi dress, Dior shoes —ALEXIS CORPUZ
Dr. Aivee Teo in her clinic, in Tibi dress, Dior shoes —ALEXIS CORPUZ


Much has been said about Aivee Aguilar-Teo’s glamor, as well as about the hard work she does keeping abreast of the latest techniques in the beauty industry. She is well known for waving her magic wand and believing that looking good makes one feel good. Little do we know about how she manages all that and more for her greatest role yet: motherhood.

“I have three wonderful kids: Kenz, 9; Kenzo, 5; and Kelicia, 4. My husband Z and I always wanted a big family. I grew up with three sisters and beautiful childhood memories of a big clan with lots of cousins. My husband grew up in Singapore with a two-child policy. Being exposed to my family convinced him to have more kids.”

You wonder how this reed-thin woman can be so selfless, knowing all too well that having children takes a toll on the body and on her work. “The hardest part of being a working mother is not spending enough time with the kids,” Aivee confesses. “The demands of work don’t allow me to do that. Still, there are no strict rules on how to be parents. You wonder if you are doing the right thing and you just learn along the way.”
Aivee says her eldest son was more attached to the nanny than to her—a memory all working moms want to push back in our mind. This experience also makes mothers grateful, however, that they had someone to trust and care
for their child.

“Definitely, having kids has changed my life in a dramatic way,” says Aivee. “I work hard because I want them to be proud of me. Showing them hard work and discipline can provide them a comfortable future. ”
Though she grew up only with sisters, she reveals that having boys can be challenging. Z makes sure the boys are active in sports and learn teamwork. He believes in the saying “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” “We have to balance each other out,” Aivee says.

Top and skirt fromMSGM and Lanvin shoes —ALEXIS CORPUZ
Top and skirt from MSGM and Lanvin shoes —ALEXIS CORPUZ


Her work covers many aspects of wellness. “The mission of The Aivee Group is to treat patients holistically.” One can see that she understands more and more her role as a mother and has applied her learnings to how a one-stop institute can serve everyone. “While perhaps mom is having her skin treatment, her husband can go to the Hair Lab, drop by the Slimming Lab, or even the Snoring Lab—all non-invasive laser treatments. Her daughter can perhaps address acne or scar concerns or her son may need physiotherapy.” And what a time saver this can be!

The feeling one gets walking into the A Institute is transformative. Aivee explains, “The effort I put in my home is the same I give for my clinics. My love for beauty extends to interiors, allowing me to express my artistic side. The look comes from snippets of inspiration from beautiful spaces around the globe that I get to see in my travels.” You also somehow feel that the team members behind the institute are confident about what they do.
Traveling a lot has made Aivee creative with time management. “The pockets of time allow me to catch up on reading, movies, journaling my thoughts and plans in my diary.”
Her long hours made her commit certain mornings to the children. There are also times when you will catch them visiting Aivee in the clinic. Waking up early is the only chance she has for meditation and Bible reading.

Their frequent trips to Singapore allow them to detach from the frenzy. Following her on social media is always a joy. The treat is the smile on the children’s faces; the bonus is the matching designer outfits you just know were handpicked by Aivee.


Aivee Teo in Tibi top, Stella McCartney skirt —ALEXIS CORPUZ
Aivee Teo in Tibi top, Stella McCartney skirt —ALEXIS CORPUZ

“I believe in not spoiling my kids with material things, but showering them with priceless memories. This way, they will bring this when they have their respective families.”

“Being overwhelmed is an expected feeling, having such a demanding career. Live one day at a time, don’t be so hard on yourself.” She often credits her husband Z, who is doing a fantastic job in helping raise the kids.

Ultimately, Aivee owns the responsibility of being a mom. She never gives excuses when reflecting on what she has done or could have done better. She prefers to work on her learning curve and take it from there.

If there is anything we can do, it is to live the values we want our kids to have.

Seeing other moms with more time with their children can be difficult. Will that formula always work to ensure happy kids? Who’s to say? There will always be what ifs and should haves, but no one can really control everything in life.

In the end, the inner strength children develop is what will give them contentment in life. It’s not what you don’t have—it’s what you do have inside!—CONTRIBUTED


Doctors Aivee and Z Teo always travel with their kids; Kenz, 9, Kenzo, 5, and Kelicia, 4.
Doctors Aivee and Z Teo always travel with their kids; Kenz, 9, Kenzo, 5, and Kelicia, 4.
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