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How do you get your parents to stop hating tattoos?

“Hear them out as a sign of respect, then try to explain to them very well that tattoo is a form of art and has significance or deeper meaning, and is not a form of rebellion.”—Atan Sanchez

“Siguro kailangan nila ma-explain sa kanilang magulang na ang tattoo ay isang artform.”—Jhay Colis

“Let them know that tattoos are a form of art and a way of expression.”—Sherilyn Santiago

“Reevaluate your tattoo and the reasons you want it on you. And also be sure that you are getting one from a reputable tattooer, as well. Just cover all the bases of your parents’ fears: health issues, designs—never get tattoos of names of boyfriends or girlfriends or husbands or wives, ok?”—Wiji Lacsamana

“Get your first tattoo related to them. I swear. I haven’t heard of any parent who was against it, and actually ended up loving it and then being receptive to the idea of tattoos.”— Karla Aggarao

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