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OCTOBER 27, 2022

From left: Nico Bolzico, Fely Atienza, Kelly Tandiono, Stephanie Gonzalez, the author, Tim Yap
The author says, “All of us were in Caminos for practically 96 hours, and we didn’t experience any pain or blisters—only comfort.”

If you had to curate the most British day of your life, it would probably include eating scones, walking along the South Bank to see the London Eye, and making funny faces to get the attention of the guards at Buckingham Palace.

When Camino invited me and my husband Nico to their London adventure, I said yes, because I really wanted quality time with my hubby. I had also just turned 32 around the time, and since I haven’t had time to celebrate since I turned 28, I thought this would be a fun way to welcome a new year of life.

A few weeks after saying yes, I was sent the itinerary—and boy, was it packed. Nico and I started having second thoughts. It’s not easy hanging out with eight strangers for four straight days, we thought. But we were in for a surprise.

Once we arrived in London, we were greeted by Mia San Agustin, and Nico was so relieved because right off the bat, we could tell she was one of the coolest people we would ever meet.

Together, we drove to Soho Farmhouse, and she sent us straight to an amazing massage. It was the perfect way to feel refreshed after a long flight and drive.

In the Farmhouse, we got a peek at the country life: amazing scenery, horseback riding, shooting, eating good food, and all amid great company.

Everything felt so cozy and homey. Our two-story cabin even had a loaf of freshly baked bread and homemade butter next to the coffee machine, along with fresh milk from the milkman.

We used most of our time to relax, but in the afternoon, we got to fly a hot air balloon—all this just on our first day.

After our time in the countryside, we drove back to London, where Nico and I found out we would be staying in a Terrace Suite at Claridge’s for the next three nights. Our suite was bigger than our entire condo unit in Manila! It was so hard to leave our room, but the things we experienced outside of it were so worth it.

Bond Martini

We were taught how to make martinis by a master bartender in The Fumoir, which looked like it belonged in the 1920s—very “The Great Gatsby.” But what I really learned—aside from how to make Bond Martinis—is never to drink a Bond Martini again. No wonder James was always up and about—these martinis are super strong, the kind that will keep you in the bathroom the entire night! Out of the five we made, I had only one, and I had to sweeten it with jam just to drink it. They were very good, though.

The next morning, we all went for a run. After doing 8 km, we went back to Claridge’s, where we were told to head to a picnic in the penthouse suite after freshening up.

Guess who was waiting for us there? No one other than model Poppy Delevingne! She’s really a genuine person with a beautiful soul.

With the host, Poppy Delevingne

With her as our London guide, we went to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see the Pink Floyd exhibit. It was already one of the best days ever, but it still wasn’t over. Because what’s a London trip without a West End performance?

We had the best seats at Sienna Miller and Jack O’Connell’s play, “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Though the set was simple, the acting was brilliant and the story left room for your imagination to work.

Sienna Miller steps out after the play to chill with the Harlan + Holden team.

To our surprise, Sienna went out after the play to chill with us. We talked about anything and everything. I love her! I have never been so starstruck in my life, and I kept asking Nico to take “candid” photos of us.

We spent our last day getting a tour of London, but it wasn’t your typical one. We entered the private premises of Gray’s Inn and visited the London Underground where they store all the silver.

In the afternoon, we had the chance to burn calories with the inspiring Johanna Konta, Britain’s No. 1 female tennis player. And when nighttime came, we were welcomed at the flat of Michelin-star chef Ollie Dabbous, where we enjoyed a dinner with his girlfriend and himself. I even got to play assistant to him. And since I love to cook, this was the perfect way to end a most amazing trip!

In the flat of Michelin-star chef Ollie Dabbous, for dinner with him and his girlfriend

Everything happened in just four days. All of us were in Caminos for practically 96 hours, and we didn’t experience any pain or blisters—only comfort. Just writing about everything we did in London makes me tired, but I’m also not surprised that we got to do so much in so little time. Our shoes and the incredibly fun company we had definitely kept us going. —CONTRIBUTED

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From left: Nico Bolzico, Fely Atienza, Kelly Tandiono, Stephanie Gonzalez, the author, Tim Yap