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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The ultimate To be You guide for APCC newbies

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The ultimate To be You guide for APCC newbies

The AsiaPOP Comicon (APCC) 2017 is the ultimate event for lovers of all things pop culture. From August 25 to 27, the SMX Convention Center in Pasay serves as the epicenter for cosplayers, comic book fans, and online geeks to come together and meet their favorite actors, artists and digital media heroes.

APCC can be a bit overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Each day is loaded with activities to join, booths to visit and celebrities to catch. Make sure you check out the APCC schedule online ( and plan your day in advance or you’ll end up being overwhelmed by the sizable crowd and numerous events. Another Golden Rule: Bring everything that you want signed!

Here are some APCC highlights for all types of newbies:

For cosplayers
When choosing which character to cosplay, consider those you closely resemble or can relate to. Also, ask yourself: Does this feel right for me? What would make me feel happy?

For first-timers debuting their cosplay character at APCC and worried that their costume may not be up to comicon standards, pros like Haiden Hazard and Jin of BehindInfinity suggest you just go for it—and invite your friends to do it with you!

While you’re at it, don’t miss the CAGE (Cosplay Authority Global Challenge) competition. The transformations are surreal!

For superhero geeks and wannabe artists
Hall M is back this year and we’re beyond excited to catch all their never-before-seen teasers. (Think Marvel films and series.) Comic book geeks know Hall M is an exclusive viewing party where audiences scream and cheer at every scene. Line up for Hall M passes as soon as you enter the APCC grounds, a limited number is up for grabs.

Marvel’s CB Cebulski is in town and he’s scouting around for new comic artists; don’t forget to bring your portfolio and superhero knowledge with you. If you’re too shy to show your samples to the pros, Filipino Marvel artist Whilce Portacio implores you to “Start na! Start now!” Who knows? A worldwide Avengers might just be in the works—and when it does materialize, a Filipino superhero drawn by you can be part of the League.

Besides buying comics and having them signed, APCC 2017 is your chance to learn about the comic book culture in the age of superhero blockbusters. It’s also the event where you can upgrade your drawing skills with industry veterans by catching the comic seminar and panel on Saturday, August 26. And do polish your selfie skills because “Justice League”’s Cyborg Ray Fisher and Man of Steel Tyler Hoechlin from “Supergirl” will be there too.

For binge-watching pros
See your favorite Netflix shows come to life at Hall N. Step into the recreated sets of “Stranger Things,” “Riverdale,” and “The Defenders” and take a selfie with legit props and standees of all your favorite characters. Enjoy a milkshake at Pop’s Diner or make your own “Orange is the New Black” duct tape slippers.

The cast of “Stranger Things” will hold a panel discussion on August 26 from 5 to 6 p.m. Do ask questions and proudly show off your cosplay character to the awesome group of young talents. Like a mosh pit concert, make sure you come to the Main Stage events early for a good view.

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