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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Careline cosmetics
Careline cosmetics


It’s the age of reinvention. Case in point: Taylor Swift returns with a choppy chant track, a curly mane and a foolproof smoky eye.

Similarly if less intensely, beauty brands are embracing change like her—minus the vendetta, of course.


Careline used to be one of those local drugstore brands we ignored. While it tried getting the message across through its Arial-like font—it’s basic makeup for tweens who want to try cosmetics—the packaging never stood out from its competition.

Just months ago, the brand debuted a new logo: an italicized, simple yet bold font reminiscent of Scout Magazine’s subtext on its cover. Only this time, it’s slimmer and functions more than a blurb.

The rebranded Careline now clearly caters to a younger demographic comfortable with metallic liquid lipsticks. “Better than Basic” is its new mantra—and perhaps, an inside joke poking at its all too basic past.

Previously represented by a curly script, the Korean brand Banila Co. also dressed itself up in a simpler and thicker font to signal its change in image.

Like a K-pop star due for a comeback, the brand released teasers in pastels that seemed to be inspired by Glossier’s millennial pink palette. New fresh-faced models joined SNSD’s Taeyeon, and the new tagline “Skincare for Makeup” worked like a title track that lured fans and appealed to an untapped market.

Banila Co. is known for cult classics like the Clean It Zero balms, Prime Primers, and the Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Cream. But unlike Innisfree or CosRX that have more defined branding, Banila Co. has only come off as feminine, which labels like Etude House also do.

The brand’s revamped image is much more mature with its renewed approach to minimalist personal care, posing as a unique contrast to the heavily marketed 10-step maximalist routines.


Lagom gel-to-water cleanser

Reinventing trends

While these brands didn’t exactly undergo major makeovers, Avon, Belif and Lagom are making waves for their innovations.

Avon—yes, the first makeup your mom probably gifted you—has diversified through the years. The Avon True Nutra Effects joins the hype for natural ingredients, with Mattifying and Hydra-Boost lines of cleansers, toners and creams that come with Active Seed Complex with Chia Seeds— said to help keep skin moisturized in this heat. As a bonus, the Mattifying line uses Mineral Mattifying Powders, which claim to absorb oil and reduce shine.

Blithe, a brand that churns out multitasking antiaging products, has a flair for novelty, such as its “pressed serum”—a possibly fancy nickname for a potent cream.

The brand is also known for its game-changing Patting Splash Masks. Inspired by the Korean bathhouse tradition of splashing botanical steeped water onto the face after cleansing, these liquid masks contain a blend of lactic acid and antioxidant-rich berries that works as a revitalizing first skincare step.

Created by one of Korea’s most iconic makeup artists Kowon and a team of expert scientists, Lagom is a deluxe new brand that flight attendants swear by for its intense hydrating technology.

Its Cellup Gel-to-Water cleanser is a hardworking, lightweight morning cleanser that leaves you feeling like you double-cleansed when you only washed once. This facial wash transforms from a gel to a water-based substance that you massage onto the skin and rinse to get a moisturized glow. –CONTRIBUTED


Blithe Patting Splash Masks


Avon True Nutraeffects creams