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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Agnes Claros, Medilen Singh, Marina, Elvira Araneta,Candy Ortol, Annie Tanco

A highly strung entrepreneur developed low self-esteem and put on weight from the stress of work and clashes with family.

In the first few minutes of meeting Belgian life coach Marina Riemslagh, she calmed down and had an awakening. After several sessions, the woman slimmed down and has improved her relationship with family and friends.

Agnes Claros, Medilen Singh, Marina, Elvira Araneta,Candy Ortol, Annie Tanco

Riemslagh has been visiting the Philippines to teach clients her Love Method. It is based on tapping the power of the self to transform false beliefs or illusions and reframe the consciousness to look at beautifully profound truths. The method also helps in neutralizing the negative effects of painful situations.


Marina Reimslagh shows how the connection of the fingers seal the energy of change.

The transformative effect lies in reconnecting with the qualities of the self and by activating the subconscious mind to sort out the negative information. Riemslagh maintains that we have the power to alter the experiences in our subconscious.

In her introductory talks and private sessions, the life coach shares the Love Method.
“First, get rid of stress in less than five minutes by connecting with the brain and connect love with your body,” she says.

The person is asked to sit with eyes closed while mimicking the DNA double helix. The ankles are crossed and the hands are clasped together, while focusing on the stressful situation.
Finally, the person declares two “miracle sentences” and seals the positive energy by connecting the fingers together.

“This means you’ve saved the corrections. When you think of that stressful situation again, it’s gone,” says Riemslagh. “You command the self to make connections.”

The Love Method is the product of several disciplines. Apart from getting a doctorate degree in Theology at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium, Riemslagh was a counselor, a certified life coach and has taken courses in neurolinguistic programming, Brain Gym and psychodrama or role-playing in psychotherapy. She also credits Bruce Lipton, a biologist who discovered that genes and DNA can be influenced by our beliefs.

Riemslagh’s clients seek help to conquer failure, relationship problems, lack of self esteem, depression and chronic fatigue.

“They want success in their lives, but their problems can’t be resolved because the brain isn’t functioning properly. If you are stressed, one part of the brain is hyperactive while the other side is dormant,” she says.

For instance, a person is stressed if the left hemisphere of the brain, which rules logic and language, is agitated while the right hemisphere, which controls intuition and holistic thought, is suppressed.

“I may say a lot of words but I can’t feel what I’m doing. I can’t be creative,” explains Riemslagh.
Riemslagh will give an introductory talk this week in Makati. On October 20-23, she will conduct private counseling and a four-day course on de-stressing at Alphaland Makati. It will include reprogramming the mind to replace self-limiting beliefs with healthy ones; unlocking disturbing patterns or bad habits; revitalizing relationships and energizing the whole system and reaching one’s maximum potential through the Love Method.

For counseling, contact Elvira at 09178433303 or [email protected])

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