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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The actor with Tyson


If you want people to relax, chill and go into their comfort zone, ask them about their dogs.


Talking about their dogs instantly puts them in a good mood.


Dogs are today’s source of positive, even healing, vibes. Just listen to these dog lovers—humans who are in love with their dogs.



The actor with Tyson

I love my dog coz he always shows his love and loyalty to me no matter what my mood is.


Derek Ramsay


Zenaida Tantoco with Sabrina

Sabrina is so intelligent we can easily communicate. She is very loyal and sensitive to my moods. We understand each other.


Zenaida Tantoco

Chair and CEO, Rustan’s



Maritess Tantoco-Enriquez

Dogs can’t fake their love for you. They are loyal and affectionate. Cats are nice but they like to be alone most times, but never a dog. Dogs always seek company. Every time I come home Nemo comes running to me and gives me a kiss. How can I not fall in love with him?


Maritess Tantoco-Enriquez

Rustan’s director



With Orange Juice

Orange Juice is important to me because he is family. Having him around for 10 years has definitely made my life more awesome! He’s my ultimate stress buster.


Vienn Tionglico-Guzman

Project director, The Arton by Rockwell



Juliet Tan and her late pit bull, Buddy

Our dogs are important to us because they give us so much love and joy, and teach us the value of loyalty, and to accept people for who they are. They are noble and pure of heart. For us, dogs are better than most humans. They are our kids. We cannot imagine our lives without them.



Juliet Tan

Fashion designer



Carla Abellana with her Welsh corgi, Sunny; Jack Russel terrier, Patches; and Yorkshire terrier, Bubbly

I was raised by an animal-loving family, and taught to respect them and be compassionate toward them. They remain an integral part of my life because they give an unconditional and unwavering kind of love that no other living being can.


Carla Abellana




Agot Isidro with her beagle, Elvis

They’ve proven to be my lifesavers in the most difficult times. They are unconditional love personified.


Agot Isidro




Rina Ortiz with her dachshunds Pinit and Nimbus

My dog is important to me because without her, I would be dead. Seriously, Nimbus is a healer!


Rina Ortiz

Yoga teacher



Randy Estrellado (right) and partner Dr. Keith dela Cruz with their French bulldog Pablo

My dog’s warm and enthusiastic welcome when I come home at the end of the day always takes away every ounce of exhaustion I feel, and all he wants in return is an occasional

belly rub.


Randy Estrellado

COO, Maynilad



Kim Atienza with a few of his 47 dogs — Magic Liwanag

My dogs fill my whole home with immeasurable joy with their yapping, their antics and their musk! Dogs are unconditional love!


Kim Atienza

TV personality



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