‘Time’ pieces that not only tell a story but history at Salcedo Auctions | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

“Coast of Cavite,” by Jose Joya; “Mother and Child,” by Ang Kiukok; “El Recreo II,” by Fernando Zobel
“Coast of Cavite,” by Jose Joya; “Mother and Child,” by Ang Kiukok; “El Recreo II,” by Fernando Zobel

When one looks at any work of art, whether one chooses to admit it or not, the subconscious will always display a sense of curiosity, asking a myriad of questions ranging from the obvious to the illogical.

The viewer of course will always be entitled to form their own opinion but for some reason, there lingers that desire to hear the story—the truth to be precise—that only the individual behind the painting, the sculpture, and everything beyond the medium, is able to impart.

This, perhaps, is the most important role of an art piece—its ability to challenge the mind and the heart, itself a byproduct of the artists’ individuality and their surrounding environment.

Salcedo Auctions holds this week its 15th edition with the theme “Important Philippine Art” (including “Important Philippine Furniture, Tribal & Ethnographic Art”). Over 100 lots representing the full spectrum of Philippine artistry will go under the hammer on March 10 at Three Salcedo Place in Makati.

Tim Yap, Vicki Belo, Karen Kua-Lerma, Richie Lerma

Manansala, Olazo

Over an intimate four-course dinner at Sala, Salcedo Auctions gave guests a preview of the pieces ranging from paintings by Vicente Manansala and Romulo Olazo to even jewels and vintage watches curated by Karen Kua-Lerma and timepieces specialist Jojo Bailon. There weren’t any fancy programs, however, as the items on display were the stars of the night and proved to be efficient conversation starters among friends old and new.

Seiko “Think The Earth WN-2” watch

One particular item of interest to most, surprisingly, was a Seiko watch. A unique stainless-steel wristwatch, this 45mm Seiko “Think the Earth, wn-2” features an actual globe (at a scale of 1:580 millionth of the Earth) that rotates counter clockwise on its axis, with one full turn equivalent to 24 hours. Produced in very limited quantity and no longer in production, the watch comes with interchangeable bezels and is accompanied by an ingenious presentation case for display.

Bidders can expect a lot more during the auction including works from academic and modern masters such as National Artists H.R. Ocampo, Jose Joya, Victorio Edades, Arturo Luz, Ang Kiukok, BenCab, Fernando Zobel, Mauro Malang Santos, and leading contemporary artists Rodel Tapaya, Alfredo Esquillo, Mark Justiniani and Ronald Ventura.

The collection also includes a letter written by Juan Luna from Mazas Prison, Paris during his incarceration for the shooting of his wife and mother-in-law, and one of the finest bulol to be offered at a public sale in recent memory, heavily encrusted with blood patina dating from the 19th century or earlier, and originating from Poitan, Eastern Banawe, Central Ifugao.


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