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Fake your features

How to get prominent cheekbones, an instant nose lift, and fuller lips without getting anywhere near a knife


Photograph by Dix
Makeup by Don de Jesus for MAC Cosmetics
Hairstyle by Jim Guerrero for L’Oréal Professionnel
Model: Jem Austria

When we look in the mirror, it’s almost second-nature for women to notice their flaws and gripe, “Why couldn’t I have a better nose?” “Why do my cheeks have to be so fat?” “I barely have eyes!” These are all familiar sentiments we have uttered at least once, and although cosmetic surgery is almost as common as a physician’s check up these days, many still shy away for their own reasons. Thus, maximizing makeup is the solution and your new best friend. It’s easier on the pocket, less risky, and best of all, you can always change your mind or tweak your look with one easy swipe of a makeup remover-soaked cotton ball. MAC makeup artist Don de Jesus shares how you can cheat with your least favorite features, turning them into new-and-improved ones, at least for the night.

Bigger eyes

How: “Doing a smoky eye is the easiest way to go, though it may not be appropriate during day time and is not quite the natural look. Some draw a thick black line on top of the upper lashes, but it goes unseen once the eyes open. The most effective way to open up the eyes is  curling the lashes and coating them with mascara. This will open the eyes and make them appear bigger and brighter.”

Use: Dark brown or gray eyeshadows, eyelash curler, lengthening mascaras

Instant nose lift

How: “From the base of the eyebrows nearest to the nose, use a dense fluffy brush like MAC #227 and brush a bronzer or Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Deep down to the tip of the nose. Make sure it is well blended. Choose a color of a bronzer or powder that is more on the taupe side, and not red-browns.”

Use: Bronzer, natural hair bristle face/eyeshadow brush with a rounded tip

Slimmer cheeks

How: “Contour cheeks with a powder one or two shades darker or a bronzer. Brush off with MAC #168 from the sideburns area towards the outer edge of the lip, following the hollows of the cheeks.” (Suck in your cheeks to reveal the hollows.)

Use: Bronzer for shading or minimizing, and highlighter to call attention to features you want to stand out, like cheekbones

Fuller lips

How: “With the help of a lip pencil, draw a little above over the natural lip line and fill in the entire lip area. Light, frosted lipsticks can also add fullness to the lips.

Use: Lip pencil, lip gloss, frosted lipsticks, shimmery silver or white eyeshadow on the center of your lips

Bronzing powder, P1,350, MAC

168 large angled contour brush, P1,950, MAC

SIDEBAR HEAD: The best BB creams


What exactly are these BB creams filling up the window displays of our favorite makeup brands? They’re a heaven-sent gift for women who need coverage, but who live in a tropical country with hot and humid summers. Originating from Korean makeup brands, BB cream is a makeup product with a heavy dose of skincare benefits ranging from sunscreen and anti-aging to whitening and anti-acne benefits, and made popular by their flawless actresses. BB is short for “blemish balm,” in reference to its skincare benefits, with other makeup bases don’t have. “Its tinted moisturizer and coverage are usually sheer. Some have fuller coverage, but even those with the best can’t compare to liquid foundation, because BB creams are meant to give you a barely-there natural finish,” says Marge Apacible of The Face Shop.

These summer months are the best time to switch to BB creams, as no one wants to see a heavily matte face at the beach, and it’s comfortable on the skin. “It’s great for summer, as it cuts down on layers of products you use on your face. It acts as your sheer foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen,” Apacible says. She says you can prime to maximize its effect and set with loose powder after for the oil-free finish, but skip it for the dewy skin finish. Because it’s sheer, at least by mid-day, you’ll definitely have to touch up. Here are the best ones around beauty counters:

The Face Shop BB Cream

Love it… For having one of the fullest coverages among BB creams and the SPF 30 grade, the minimum for daily sun protection. It marries one layer of skincare with makeup. One of the creamiest consistencies.

Get it… If you’re looking for coverage that doesn’t feel heavy.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream

Love it… Because it’s available in two shades and offers the most coverage, though still light. It also contains SPF and the smell can be addictive. Covers redness, and offers coverage you can build on.

Get it… If you rely on foundation every day to cover redness and even out skin tone.

Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral BB Cream

Love it… Because it has eight skincare benefits and one shade that fits all, which makes buying a no-brainer. It’s also the most affordable of the bunch.

Get it… If you want to give BB creams a whirl.

Skinfood Red Bean BB Cream

Love it… for light consistency, if you can’t stand wearing foundation but need more coverage than what powder provides.

Get it… to polish up your everyday look with the least “put-on” feeling as possible.

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