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OCTOBER 27, 2022


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Today we appreciate how the “Wonder Woman” of the family shows us love and strength. We ask the kids what they think is the greatest sacrifice their mom has done for them.

“My mom has done a lot of sacrifices. I don’t think one narrative would be enough to put in words her countless, selfless actions and decisions.

“I’m an only child. My parents wanted what was best for me. When I was in fourth year high school, everyone was excited to hear what course I would take. My aunties suggested medicine, accountancy and the like.

“But my mom said, ‘Anak, go choose what will make you happy, choose what you truly desire.’ She cited herself as an example—how her becoming a college professor was not only a career choice but was also based on passion. My mom believed—unlike other people who could not see where being an English major could land me.

“She and my dad, ‘sacrificed’ the possible title of ‘doctor’ or ‘attorney’ so I could follow my dreams, carve my future.

“My mom was that person who trusted me more than anyone else, who, even today as I head toward graduation (this May), continues her support and belief that she did the right thing by allowing me to do what I wanted, instead of becoming the parent who would persuade her child to take up a degree that she (and maybe even dad) would have wanted for me.” —Jamie Marie Bianca P. Manuel, St. Paul University Manila

Screams, fear

“I am a 17-year-old girl who grew up too fast. I have been in a lot of major and minor operations, and despite all these, I got through them not alone but with my mother.

“Amid my tears, screams, fear and pain, my mother never left my side even though it hurt her to hear and see me in pain.

“And that for me is the greatest sacrifice my mother has made for me.” —Sachi Vista, San Beda Alabang

“The greatest sacrifice my mom made was when she carried me in her womb for nine months and accepted the role of bearing a new life. She cares for my needs first, managing her time between work and family. She’s the peacemaker, and our safety comes before hers.” —Merlie Cavan, Ateneo de Davao

“My mom’s greatest sacrifice would be those times she was pregnant with me and my siblings. Though my mom isn’t the only OFW (overseas Filipino worker) parent, I believe that this is one of the greatest risks she has ever taken for our family.

“As a person who greatly values time, I can only imagine the pain she suffers for being apart from us every day. This is what she gives in exchange for our comfort and our lives.” —Shoun Nicholas David, San Beda Alabang

My rock

“I think the mere fact that my mom carried me in her womb for nine whole months was already a tremendous sacrifice, not to mention that I was quite a heavy baby!

“But, apart from that, her biggest sacrifice was raising me on her own. Being raised by a single mom, I have witnessed the most genuine love I know that no one else in this world could give me. Her hardships and sacrifices every single day to provide for my needs (and even wants), while setting aside hers, are truly the most amazing because she will go to great lengths just for me.

“I am so so grateful to my mom. She is my rock and she keeps me going. I love her so much. Happy Mothers Day, mi mamá!” —Maria Colene Reyes, St. Paul University Manila

“My mother’s biggest sacrifice is always giving me time even though she has work. She always puts work aside so she can come to my ballet recitals.

“She has always been my No. 1 supporter, she and papa. One time, I forgot my costume at home and we were in a ballet competition. She didn’t hesitate to go home and get it, even though our house was quite far away.

“She is quite a stage mother. She’s the first to do my makeup, the very first to clap in my recital. She is my No. 1 motivator and inspiration each time I go onstage.” —Jamie Lin Calica, St. Paul University Manila

Lets me be


“The biggest sacrifice my mom has made was to let me go so she could let me be. My parents and my brother are all in Taiwan, and I am the only one here because I have to finish college.

“We used to fight because she hated the idea of me living alone. But for me to grow as a person and to reach my goals in life, she tried her best to let me make my own decisions, even if it pains her, even if her ‘motherly love’ screams no.” —Yu-hsuan Cheng, St. Paul University Manila

“The biggest sacrifice my mom ever did for me and my family was to give her time. Time she could have spent pursuing her dreams. Time she could have spent going back to college to get her own degree. Time she could have spent solely on herself when she most needed it.

“She had a choice to do other things, make the most of opportunities granted her. Instead, she chose to spend her time nurturing me to become the person I am today, spent it helping my family live the values to this day.

“It was the most gracious sacrifice, incomparable to any other. Being able to have much of her time is perhaps the greatest honor, and something I appreciate to this day.” —Ella Mae Garcia, St. Paul University Manila

“The greatest sacrifice my mom has done for me and my family was when she worked as an OFW for many years. She endured the pain of missing us for the sake of our family.

“She worked really hard, and I believe she’s a strong woman who will do anything for the family. She loves us dearly that she will go through sacrifices for our family life.” —Bethany de Sagun, Ateneo de Davao

“Mom’s greatest sacrifice for me and my family is that she works day and night just to give us what we need, and also the luxurious things that will make us happy. She always puts us first, and I really admire her for her selflessness.” —Ysabel Cortes, San Beda Alabang

“Mom has always been here for me and my younger brother, no matter what. Being a single mom and a doctor, she is always busy but always has time for us. She never fails to be a parent for us.

“Our mom is a superhero, at times waking up in the middle of the night to work just so we can have a comfortable life. We love her very much. —Paolo Mendoza, De La Salle University

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