Regular or Premium? How your daily choices affect your whole life | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

A man is made up of the big decisions he makes. Choices that define the lifestyle he would be living in the next five to ten years.

“Will I work in a big office, or start my own business?” “Should I get married before I turn 30, or when I get a more stable income?,” “Should I buy a new home now? Or a new car”? “Is Metro Manila right for me, or should I migrate to another country?”

On the other side of the plane, most city-roving folks have a ton of other decisions that may seem trivial but can affect their everyday lives in a major way as well. These range from where to eat, how to get to the office on time, how to score a great deal from the recently announced mall sale or up to just how to relax amid the daily demands of the city.

Eventually, people will realize that these series of daily choices have made them either haggard or fresher, depending on the quality of their preferences.

Poor decisions make us look and feel bad. For instance, choosing to commute for hours to get to work or delaying that spa treatment just because the centers are too far could make us prioritize ourselves less.

Sometimes, to save time, homemakers opt for instant food rather than fresh homecooked meals. Some office goers don’t have time for exercise anymore because going to the gym is both taxing to the wallet and demanding of time – resulting to poor health maintenance.

But what if we can make both our LIFE DECISIONS and DAILY CHOICES right? Would you make the premium choice of keeping your lifestyle in check?

Experience premium city living with real estate developer Empire East Elite. Through its roster of residential developments in Metro Manila, you are choosing a more convenient lifestyle that gives superior options on mobility and accessibility and a better and healthier life.

Some of these premium homes are Kasara Urban Resort Residences in Pasig City, The Rochester in Pasig City, Covent Garden in Sta. Mesa, Manila, Mango Tree Residences in San Juan City, and the Little Baguio Terraces in San Juan City.

Other premium experience you may enjoy:


If you want to get the best bits of what the city has to offer, choose the best location.  You need to consider not just the convenience in transportation but also, accessibility to central business districts and commercial establishments. Your location will speak about the kind of lifestyle you want to have.

Try to choose the best area within the vicinity of schools, hospitals, transportation hubs and banks. Consider where you can benefit the most from for your envisioned future.


This is the part where you decide whether placing a premium on a lifestyle you want is worth it. Will you be renting and spending the rest of your life or will you be investing not just on walls and a roof but on a complete city lifestyle package that includes other amenities and accessibility to city essentials?


Some condominiums offer exclusive amenities that can’t be found in other developments. Regular condos surely have a gym and a swimming pool, but not all developments provide daycare centres, playgrounds, or sky gardens.  

So it’s always wiser to scout for a development that will provide you all these amenities and features that will help you live the complete, fun, and hassle-free lifestyle you deserve!

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