3 common washing machine problems and how to solve them | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

There’s never a good time for your washing machine to act up.Some problems can be easy fixes while others may require hiring a professional to do repairs. Here are a few common problems that can occur when using a clothes washer and some possible solutions to save you stress, time, and money.

1. Your washing machine is jumping and making weird noises.
This often happens because the washer has been loaded improperly. Simply stop the machine and redistribute the wet clothing.If it is still noisy and vibrates, the washer might be off-balance. Check that the machine is level and make sure that all the feet are positioned on a flat surface. You can also place the machine on something like a towel or rug to help absorb some of the force.

2. Your washing machine smells bad.
Washers that develop a musty or mildew smell can mean the presence of mold and bacteria. Using the proper amount of detergent, and leaving the detergent dispensers and washer door open when the machine is not in use are some ways to prevent their growth. You can also do a basic cleaning of the washer by running a cycle while the machine is empty.

3. Your washing machine is leaking water.
Check the washer’s hoses by running a dry cloth or paper towel along the length of each one. If you find any dampness and the hose appears to have small splits, replace immediately. The washer hose should be checked and replaced regularly to prevent this problem.

Unfortunately, sometimes our appliances can no longer be saved, which means it’s probably time to replace your old washing machine with a brand new one.

Look no further as Whirlpool, the most trusted appliance brand in the Philippines, has come out with the best solution for efficient care and excellent laundry results: the new Atlantis US Washer.

This 15 kg.heavy duty washing machine from Whirlpool has a porcelain tub and improved double action spiral agitator with fabric softener cap that provides you with more rollover action resulting in an improved wash performance that is efficient yet gentle on clothes.This agitator is patented by Whirlpool and is the one feature that differentiates it from other brands.

Easy access control knobs are also available with options for any type of laundry.The Deep Water Wash feature breaks down and removes stains by adding more water for a deep and thorough cleaning, while the Delicate Cycle operates at a lower speed to prevent fine and delicate fabrics from getting damaged.On the other hand, the Lid Lock Convenience feature gives you extra time to add any missed items during the wash process.

This washing machine comes with a warranty of 2 years on parts and 1 year on labor which you can claim in any of Whirlpool’s over 200 service centers nationwide. To know more about this product along with other Whirlpool appliances, you may drop by their showrooms located in Quezon City, Cebu, Iloilo, Bacolod, and Davao, or in any leading appliance store. You may also visit their website at www.whirlpool.com.ph or like facebook.com/WhirlpoolPhilippines.