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OCTOBER 27, 2022


Filipinos know how to weather the perfect storm. Countless tales on the resiliency of the ordinary Filipino people could make for the ultimate urban legend, but their strong spirit, grit and mettle, as well as their unwavering resolve to face the myriad of crises that had gripped the nation from centuries past to modern times, have long proven that Filipinos are of a strong breed.

Name it: the Philippines had withstood the crippling effects of global economic crises, faced the onslaught of earthquakes and supertyphoons that wrought havoc on property and claimed thousands of lives every single time, fought wars and insurgencies that have divided the people, and even withstood many political impasse and dilemmas.


And despite the terror that gripped the nation in the aftermath, the Filipino spirit lives on.

Take the case of a famous international correspondent interviewing a Filipino who survived the most powerful storm of 2013, Typhoon Haiyan, which then devastated large swaths of the Visayas. It was said that at the end of the interview, the Filipino reportedly expressed concern for the correspondent, asking him if he had a place to stay—despite the fact that he too lost his home, his possessions, and even some members of his family. That alone exemplifies the valor and strength of character of the typical Filipino.

And there are different kinds of courage too. Filipinos flying overseas in search of the proverbial greener pastures muster a certain kind of courage: the prospect of leaving his or her family behind or going to a country where everything is unknown and uncertain.

Even the ordinary Pinoy faces his or her own struggles every single day—be it in terms of providing for one’s family, finding a decent job, getting a well deserved promotion, keeping families and relationships together, and even something as simple as braving the metro’s horrendous traffic. Through it all, Filipinos have remained resilient.

Typifying the same kind of boldness, resiliency, and strength of the Filipino people is Red Horse Beer, a deeply hued lager with distinctive sweetish taste balanced by a smooth bitterness that leads to a strong alcohol kick. 

Red Horse Beer is not your ordinary beer—it’s rebellious and flavorful yet bold and intense. It is sweet and bitter smooth at the same time, giving you a fueled kick. It thus comes as no surprise that Red Horse Beer has been the constant companion of many Filipinos gamely facing their personal struggles and eventually winning the game.

Indeed, each Red Horse bottle packs an extra strong punch, just as the Filipino overflows with unwavering audacity, heroism, and strong, resilient spirit.



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