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OCTOBER 27, 2022

STACKED plates inside the fabric storage
STACKED plates inside the fabric storage

Start the year and be organized! This DIY idea will help you store and protect plates and other dinnerware.

Stacking up plates in a cabinet or storage area makes them prone to breakage, chipping, and other elements. Protect them by storing in custom-made plate protectors. You can also add identification cards on the outer surface to label the  contents of each case, or you can stick on photographs of the actual plates for easier identification. They are very easy to make, and you will be glad you took the time to make them.

Basic sewing skills, fabric of your choice, a soft cotton fiber or foam to pad and zipper are all you need. Start by making a pattern.  Measure the desired diameter of the plates that need to be kept (adding an extra quarter of an inch all around).  Cut two pieces, so one will be used for the base and the other for the top. Measure the height of the stacked plates and cut a portion of the fabric to the desired height and diameter.

WHAT you will need: fabric of your choice, soft cotton or fiber as padding, zipper PHOTOS BY JIM GUIAO PUNZALAN

Sew all pieces together and attach a zipper at the top portion of the case.  Adding a thin layer of foam or soft cotton fiber will help protect the plates more.  To further ensure that the plates are protected, get some thin foam or bubble wrap and cut squares or circles to the size of the plate so you can lay them in between each plate.

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