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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Getting kids to eat vegetables is not always an easy task to do. For many, it could be a daily struggle. While there are, of course, some who have absolutely no trouble with it as well.

It’s important to make children eat healthy at an early age because it helps with their growth, helps strengthen their body against sickness, and enables them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, for all those who prepare for their child’s meals every day, here’s a list of the different ways that you can make your youngster eat vegetables:

1. Make your dish colorful

Children are very attracted to colors. You can make your dish more appealing by having a variety of colorful vegetables in your recipe. Put a few chops of bright orange carrots, stringed beans for a dash of green, and a small serving of kernels of corn for that hint of yellow. Mix other vegetables that would match your recipe well, and be sure to make the serving presentable during plating.

2. Cut the vegetables in different fun shapes

If you’re familiar with shaped chicken nuggets, you can do the same with vegetables. Kids love eating food that looks good in their eyes. In a way, they take interest in the different shapes they see like fish, flower, or even a letter.

Bring out the artist in you and print patterns from photos online, or simply purchase shaped cutters to achieve the creative look for your kids veggies.

3. Turn your vegetables into a refreshing drink

Another good alternative is to throw the vegetables in the blender and make a good drink or shake out of the mix. Add a good serving of milk, the right amount of water, and a spoonful of sugar to make the drink extra delicious for kids to gulp down. Be sure to pair it with a good healthy meal!

4. Create a reward system

Sometimes kids need a little motivation before they do something. If you want them to eat their veggies, reward them with something they like. It can be an extra scoop of ice cream for dessert, or a few more minutes of TV time. It will at least get them started in eating healthier, until they eventually learn to enjoy vegetables.

5. Prepare recipes that would not be obviously vegetable-based at first look

Some kids say no to a dish just after one look because they find the presence of vegetables to be simply unappealing. Plan cooking meals which are rich in flavor. This would help them eat vegetables because it will make them understand that vegetables are delicious to eat, especially if mixed with other foods.

Try it with a local dish like the Filipino favorite Kare Kare. With its rich yummy sauce, this is a great example of a dish which tastes better with vegetables. With Mama Sita’s new Kare-Kareng Gulay Mix, it would be easy to whip up this special dish and make your meal both healthy and delicious. It stays true-to-the-taste of kare-kare even without the addition of meat! Just add your everyday veggies like sitaw, talong, pechay or kang-kong for that extra nutrition for your child!

You can follow these quick-and-easy steps to whip up your very own Kare-Kare that your kids will surely love.


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