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“A Mile of Dream,” by Francisco Verano
“A Mile of Dream”

Veteran artist Verano shares honored pieces at ‘Tangents & Turns’

“A Mile of Dream,” by Francisco Verano
“A Mile of Dream”

Approaching six decades of creating art, Francisco M. Verano shares his body of work from his first year as an artist up to his recent works in the exhibit “Tangents & Turns,” paintings & sculptures from 1959 to present, at the SSS Museum’s The Gallery in East Avenue Quezon City.

The exhibit, which opened on Tuesday July 3, features pieces from Verano’s artist’s collection. The selection is comprised of reserved artworks that represent each series and each period in the artist’s career.

The exhibit is a comprehensive compilation of Verano’s art from the time he was starting out as a fine arts student at University of the Philippines, to the years his works were recognized for ingenuity and vision, to years of sustained presence in the art scene and to different directions his career has taken along the way and in between.

At 80, Verano can utter many things at the same time, talk about countless topics in one conversation and touch on many musings all at once. It is this wisdom that enables a body of work to connect to its viewers.

The collection in this exhibit engages you in these conversations about diverse topics that altogether speak only one life. Witness the directions and evolutions in a visual diary with over 100 works of art by an artist who has that much to offer.

“River’s Edge,” by Francisco Verano
“River’s Edge”

Presented by vMeme Contemporary Art Gallery in partnership with the SSS Museum, “Tangents & Turns” runs until Aug. 3. Visit; tel. 09178378897, 09175799332.

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