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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Hearing “my tummy hurts” from a kid can strike fear in the heart of a parent. This is particularly true for mothers who are expected to be active and assertive in the welfare of the family.

Digestive issues are common complaints among children. Although most cases are completely harmless, it is still important to look after one’s tummy to enjoy a fit and healthy life.

Here are some things that moms need to know about digestive health:

1. Digestive health is linked to overall health

Our digestive system is responsible for sustaining and protecting the general wellness of our bodies, beginning with the intake and absorption of nutrients.

Sanofi, Probi bears, health, moms, probiotics

These nutrients that are broken down from food are needed to keep our bodies functioning properly. The gut also fights off diseases through its acids and enzymes that sterilize our food and safeguard us from illnesses and infections.

2. Digestive problems come in many forms

Sanofi, Probi bears, health, moms, probiotics

Digestive complaints in children can come in many forms including constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, heartburn and bloating. The causes of these problems are varied and may range from an imbalance of natural intestinal flora to lactose intolerance. Such issues are common and usually manageable with lifestyle measures and over-the-counter remedies.

3. Lifestyle affects the gut

Most digestive problems have to do with our lifestyle that includes the food we eat and the stress we deal with. This is also true for youngsters. This means that taking steps to change their lifestyle can help, and often prevent, many of these issues.

Sanofi, Probi bears, health, moms, probiotics

Parents can take steps in changing their children’s lifestyle for the better. For instance, they can encourage their kids to eat their food slowly and ensure that they don’t overeat. They can also spend quality time with their children by doing active sports in order to prevent bloating and constipation. Additionally, they can do relaxation exercises with their children to lessen their stress levels.

4. A little fiber can go a long way

Sanofi, Probi bears, health, moms, probiotics

Fiber plays a vital role to one’s digestive health. It helps the digestive tract flowing by keeping the bowel movements soft and regular. It is thus crucial for parents to ensure that the food they put on their dining tables have a good portion of vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains, which are high in fiber.

5. Strengthening the tummy with probiotics

Our intestines are home to trillions of probiotics, often called as “good bacteria,” which aid in the digestion process. Children can get these probiotics from yogurt and other food that contain them. However, their amount and quality may not be adequate to maintain a healthy digestive tract.

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Sanofi, Probi bears, health, moms, probiotics

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