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OCTOBER 27, 2022


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No matter what you do, you’ll always reach a point in your life where you ask yourself, “Is it still worth it to be with this person?” This goes for relationships even with family and friendships that turn out to be the fakest.

There’s a number of reasons they can be toxic, but the most important thing to find out is if their toxicity is affecting you and your growth as a person.

The term “toxic” is overused these days. It is important to know the difference between someone being actually toxic and someone you find undesirable or frustrating. What I am talking about is toxicity that emotionally drains, manipulates and takes over your life.

These are people who turn you into an emotional punching bag or try to manipulate you to do things for their own ends. Toxic people will never take responsibility for their actions and put all the blame on you instead. While I’m not suggesting you cast off anyone who does you wrong, you must also determine if this person is hurting you continuously or doing something unforgivable. If so, you have every right to cut him or her out of your life.

Level of tolerance

Although the level of tolerance varies with each person, you should not feel guilty about leaving behind these people because toxicity is extremely contagious. Their behavior can easily rub off on you and the negativity they bring to your life can easily infect your general mood and behavior.

You have to learn to stop giving people the benefit of the doubt because if they show their true colors to you over and over again, it’s a sign that enough is enough.

It could be difficult, especially if these people have been with you for the longest time. But don’t let things such as the length of your relationship affect your decision to leave these people because you are allowed to do that. No matter how long you’ve known someone, if that someone really holds you back and deters you from being a better, healthier person, then chances are, you’re better off without him or her.

Guilt trip

This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all-around bad people. It just means they’re bad for you. Initially, they can be good people to be around with, but in the long run, they turn out to be most problematic. They can even put you on a guilt trip for trying to leave them, by saying things like “You’re the only one I have.”

But—you have to learn to value yourself and focus on yourself.

There’s only so much you can do for people. It’ll feel really bad not being able to talk to them anymore and help them out with their problems, but you need to step back and know your limits. It is not selfish to think about what’s good for yourself because it’s important you understand that you need to keep your self-worth. For once, learn to prioritize your happiness over someone else’s dysfunctional ways.

It’ll be hard but in the long run, it will feel so liberating and a big weight will be lifted off your shoulders. So cheers to improving your social circle!

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