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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Sabrina Carpenter, 19-year-old Disney star and singer
Sabrina Carpenter, 19-year-old Disney star and singer

There’s one name that’s been thrown around so often when you ask the rising artists of the pop music scene who they want to collaborate with. It’s Sabrina Carpenter.


The 19-year-old Disney star and American singer announced a new era for her music career with the release of “Almost Love,” a tenaciously feisty and catchy bop about almost lovers taking it frustratingly slow. “It’s falling for someone and knowing that you’re inches away from love. It either has a happy ending, or no ending at all,” Sabrina tells Super. “It was very easy to write because in these young years of our lives they always say you lose people along the way, sometimes for no reason other than they were meant to teach you a lesson, and some of those are definitely ‘almost lovers,’” she adds.


Earlier this year, she also dropped a track featuring Jonas Blue titled “Alien.” Sabrina shared she loved working with the DJ as they both loved challenging themselves and experimenting with their sound. “I’m very, very proud of ‘Alien,’” she tells Super. The young singer also opens up about her career highlights and what keeps her busy these days:


What makes it difficult to be a singer and artist in this generation?


I think it’s how much accessibility we have to everything. We either don’t know enough or we know too much. It causes us to overthink instead of just freely creating what our hearts tell us to.


We’re sure you met some of your heroes in the industry. What was one fangirl moment you had with your favorite artist?


I recently met Chance the Rapper. I never ask for pictures but the fangirl in me obviously had no self-control!

A new single about “falling for someone and knowing that you’re inches away from love”

What is your songwriting process?


It’s never the same. Every song I’ve ever written has come about in a different way. One of my favorite ways to write is on a single instrument, or just by free-styling in the booth. I think my personality shines through the best when I write a song one of those ways.


Which artist do you want to collaborate with and how do you imagine the music you’ll create together?


Maybe Marshmallow. I think whatever we make would be really sweet.


Which of your songs is the most personal to you and why?


A song called “Run and Hide,” as well as “Alien,” my song with Jonas Blue. Both represented significant situations in my life where the only way I could wrap my head around it was by finally writing about it.


How about the song of your own composition that you are most proud of?


Probably a song off of my new album that you haven’t heard, or a song of mine called “On Purpose.” That song was really a moment that I found a new voice in myself.


What kinds of songs do you look forward to releasing?


The entirety of my upcoming third album, “Singular,” and whatever comes after that. I hope to keep surprising myself!









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