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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Today, the ultimate barkada trip is more than what typical chick flicks paint: a friend group wearing neon-colored sunglasses, screaming at the top of their lungs, standing while riding a baby pink convertible heading to a far-off province of mountains and islands *insert the latest teen bop background music*.

Across multiple group chats of different colors housing messages left unread and polls finally finished, you and your barkada might attempt to make travel plans. But the thought of traveling from morning ‘til night, hopping from one spot to another is not the only possibility there is. Going for a light and convenient staycation in your highly-demanding lifestyle of sudden obligations and bank-breaking requirements? Definitely a better option. In today’s time, the new backpacker barkada is not always on-the-go. Some prefer packing their bags to stay in a serene shelter in the city, while going on momentary day trips every now and then. An adventure doesn’t need to be so far away, especially if your aim is to have good relaxing fun with your always-busy bunch.

Don’t fret—here’s some stuff you need to pack to get that sweet staycation. 


Honorary Housemates. If you need to allot your staycation money for grander things ahead, pick a friend’s house for your barkada stay. After all, some find more warmth in the sheets and pillows of a simple home. Just make sure there are enough beds for all your friends! If beds are low in number, dozing off on sleep foam pads might do the trick

Hit the Hotel. If your savings can ace this type of arrangement, then give it Aca green light! The metro has a long list of hotels, but don’t get confused

Deal Grocer has tons of staycation options available for you and your squad—all at the best price! Wherever in the metro you decide to hang your hat overnight, you can be assured of great service and excellent value for money when you buy through Deal Grocer.


Here’s a potential list of barkada staycation themes, each designed to make choosing activities easier, and can help develop a barkada personality for the day

The Old Souls is a play on retrospect where things were less flashy and more sparkly. It’s for the hipster barkada who wants to escape the hustle and bustle of the present at all costs, plus relive a bit of their childhood. Think Sing Street and The Perks of Being a Wallflower crossover.

The Thrill Seekers feed the craving for heart-pounding adventure. It’s the wisest option for friends who wanting to “feel” something more with a dose of adrenaline, discovery, and uncertainty all at once. #TeamNoSleep

The Wisdom Hoarders match with those who want to exercise their brains in any way. You know what they say—it pays to learn something everyday.

The Art Mavens is the barkada whose hearts flutter over literature, paper, performances, paint and all things creative. Imagine being your productive best in a room filled with fun craft.

The Concert Club basically looks like your rock ‘n’ roll party. A love of lights, sounds, and wearing your heart on your sleeve and getting your heartbeat racing are musts!


Basic necessities? Check. Outfits? Check. Before you zip up your bag, don’t forget to throw in these fun items based on your theme/s.

The Old Souls. Blank CDs you can customize as mixtapes. Old magazines. UNO cards. Gummy bears. Monopoly board game. Polaroid cameras. Christmas lights. Craft beer. Disco ball. Jenga.

The Thrill Seekers. Phantoms vs. Phantoms game. Red hot chili snacks. Red Hot Chili Peppers playlist, too. Exploding Kittens. Swimsuits you that look cute poolside. Coffee. Werewolves Online. Horror flicks marathon on Netflix. Betrayal at House on the Hill.

The Wisdom Hoarders. Glow-in-the-dark solar system stickers. Chinatown board game. Experiment kits. Documentaries, because why not? Steampunk Rally. Peanuts and chocolates. A new cake recipe to learn. A telescope.

The Art Mavens. Paintbrushes. Canvas. Scrabble. Old or new books you can wrap up and exchange—a book blind date, maybe? Mona Lisa– or The Scream-designed night socks. Flashlights as spotlights for your mini spoken word performances. Journal-making session. Sandwiches. Cork board.

The Concert Club. Drinks. Lots of them. So yeah, beer pong. Wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone. Dance mat. A working guitar. Guitar Hero. Cards Against Humanity. Concert DVDs of your favorite artists. Huge speakers. Strobe lights. Nachos and tacos. Glow sticks.


You can make your staycation theme 100% consistent by following it even outside your slumber space. For the shortlived day trips, keep an eye on these spots.

The Old Souls. Movie houses (Cinema Centenario) and vinyl record shops (Satchmi).

The Thrill Seekers. Escape game rooms (Mystery Manila) and indoor sports parks (Jump Yard Indoor Trampoline Park).

The Wisdom Hoarders. History (National Museum of Anthropology) and science museums (Mind Museum).

The Art Mavens. Hidden bookstores (Bookay-Ukay) and art hubs (1335 Mabini).

The Concert Club. Gig bars (Route 196) and cafes (SaGuijo).

Now all that’s left to do is round up the crew. Happy staycationing!


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