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OCTOBER 27, 2022

FACE Shop endorser, K-pop superstar and skin care advocate Kim Hyun Joong during the Face Shop event in Seoul, South Korea

It was a lovely autumn day when we arrived in Seoul, South Korea, to grace the Face Shop event where we got to meet and greet the brand’s endorser, Kim Hyun Joong. Korea is definitely one dynamic place, they gave a whole new meaning to the word “pop,”—the food, the endless kimchi, the shopping, that distinct street style, you name it.

But there’s also one thing noticeable when you visit Korea, they really take their skin care seriously. It’s a country where skin care has become one of the largest industries. So it’s a common sight to see guys, K-Pop stars to be exact, as their main endorsers for their cosmetics brands. For their definition of  success isn’t just on the number of sales but also who gets the most number of swooning girls.

And Face Shop has become the leader of the pack among the cosmetics arms race since they cater to men’s skin care, as well. So being the only guy in the entourage wasn’t really a downer.

Skin care isn’t just soap and water

Denim shirt, Folded & Hung; striped tee, Collezione

For most Pinoy guys, their definition of skin care is composed of ordinary soap, water and perhaps the usual toner. Though based from experience, the ordinary soap and toner are one of the reasons for breakouts, dry and bad skin due to their harsh chemicals and residue left in the skin even after washing.

First step is to get a mild facial wash, look for brands which are noncomedogenic, after which apply moisturizer to prevent dry skin, which can lead to break-outs.

There’s nothing wrong in investing a little more if it entails having good, healthy skin. But one has to check first if the moisturizer suits one’s skin type. Chief makeup artist Marge Apacible suggests for guys getting the Face Shop Neo Classic Homme BB Cream, since it serves as a moisturizer, sunblock and even outs the skin tone, “Also called blemish balm, the BB cream helps minimize skin sensitivity, conceals redness and promotes the skin’s repairing function,” she says.

Plaid shirt, Folded & Hung

Just put a pea size amount and apply it all over the face, some BB creams have sunblock so you get two for the price of one. Face Shop endorser and skin care advocate Kim Hyun Joong says that if there’s one thing a guy must never forget is to put sunblock. Since our sun can really be harsh, even in cloudy weather. Too much sun exposure can lead to advance aging, one may not be able to see the effects now, but in time it will show.

Good skin care has nothing to do with vanity, see it as another avenue in feeling good and staying healthy.

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