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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Ready for 2019? Starbucks will be rolling out “travel organizers” aside from the traditional weekly planners over the holidays.

Sticker season will start on Nov. 2, and Super got a first look at the new items.

The 2019 Starbucks planner features a coffee-inspired canvas cover, with inspirational scribbles debossed in gold and copper.

Encouraging words such as “Sincere, Stylish, Soulful, Warm” are written in various fonts, with an assuring “Your Year” reminder stamped on the bottom.

These kitschy planners are available in two colors: Espresso, which comes with a mustard pouch, and Milk in a mint case. A satin ribbon serves as a basic bookmark.

Both have colorful pages with faint grids and monthly “hashtag themes”: January’s #wishescometrue tag lets one list 2019 aspirations, May’s #makeyourfriendsmile suggests taking a photo of a pal and printing it out.

Like the previous years’ Starbucks planners, tear-off Beverage Vouchers are printed on the back for use throughout the year.


Game changer

For 2019, Starbucks introduces the Travel Organizer, a zip-around case in Dark Teal and Sienna with several compartments.

We love these folios that can be game-changer in personal organizing. The inside cover has slots that can fit a passport or phone, and three cards; plus two garter holders for pens or earphones.

The case holds a mini notebook with three page formats—grid, dotted grid and plain—ideal for bullet journaling. On the back of the notebook are tear-off Beverage Vouchers (different from the planner).

Drill starts Nov. 2: Fill out a promo card with 18 stickers by buying a combination of drinks from the holiday and regular beverage menu to redeem a planner or organizer. Drink more, and get both.

One may also collect e-stickers on the Starbucks Philippines app.

A quicker way to get the planner is buying Starbucks stuff worth P7,000 at once (may be a combination of food and drinks, coffee kit, merch, beans and tea).

Each of the Starbucks planner and travel organizer comes with a special-edition Starbucks Card with Siren design. Activate the card by loading it with P500, register it online and get a chance to win a year’s worth of Starbucks drinks.

That’s 4,380 Beverage Stars which is equivalent to 365 complimentary Grande beverages with up to two add-ons, or all the drinks we need to course through 2019.


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