RDL receives US Patent | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

The spread of counterfeit and fake products, especially in the beauty skin care has been prevalent and widespread.

More than anything, what is at stake here is the safety of the consumers.

A multi-national pharmaceutical company has earlier took the lead and stance in cautioning the public of the proliferation of fake skin care products in the market today, both locally and globally.

Earlier this year, RDL Pharmaceutical Inc Vice President for Operations Ms. Mercedita Lim conferred that the rampant counterfeiting of products in the skin care category not only posed damage and loss to the company revenues but more importantly, on the danger that the general consumers may be faced with.

“ We are the first ever Pharmaceutical company who took a strong stance in this issue. We are a reputable Pharmaceutical company and while our name and business reputation is at stake here, let it be known that our first and foremost concern is the safety of the people.” Lim said.

In a press briefing held at the Novotel Hotel in Quezon City, Ms. Mercedita Lim said that in its battle to curb or put a stop to trademark infringement – -RDL has continued to find solutions and resolves, and has, so far, been successful.

“ We have not stopped even if we have already been granted the WIPO Certification of registration ( International Bureau of World Intellectual Property Organization ), of course with the help of Intellectual Property Office here in the country “, Lim said.

RDL’s certificate of registration issued by the WIPO International Bureau (Madrid) means that the company can use and carry the name RDL and its logo outside of the country even in the US. The WIPO certifies the RDL and its logo, with the mark consisting of the word mark RDL (signifying the initials of Roberto D. Lim), and beside the word mark is an image of a woman representing lady Godiva characterized with four strands of hair and shaped like the number 8 symbolizing infinity.

“ We are very pleased to announce that RDL has also secured and has now been granted a US Patent ” Lim added.

With RDL now having a US Patent, it means that the company now has the legal rights to stop someone else from making, using or selling or exploiting RDL product lines without permission from RDL throughout the United States or importing the products into the United States and its territories and possessions.

“ Because of high quality, efficacy and the affordability, our skin care products have been widely spread and are being patronized in the global market, “ Ms. Lim noted.

In the Philippines, RDL has a wide number of outlets operating in supermarkets, department stores and leading drugstores. For its international market, the business is present in Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Nepal, Thailand, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Jeddah, Nigeria and Africa, and even in the US territories.

“ First, we sought the help of the IPO here in the Philippines. This then led to the issuance of our company and trademark a certificate of recognition by the  International Bureau of WIPO. And now, it follows that we are granted the US Patent. We are the 1st ever cosmetics and beauty care company that is granted a US Patent. We are pleased and proud of it because we are not only able to serve the consumers well, we also carry the pride of our country. Remember, we are a 100% Filipino owned company and we take pride in that” added Ms. Lim.