EXO and five rookie groups perform in Manila | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022



Comedienne Kim Shin-young was excited to be back in Manila. The first time she was in the country was two years ago for that year’s version of “MBC Show Champion.” She said she worried a lot back then because she felt that nobody knew her. She shared how it surprised her that a lot of people cheered for her.

The “Weekly Idol” host said that she could tell the difference between the 2016 show and this year’s show.

“I could feel that a lot more Filipinos are into K-pop,” she said, noting the number of fans who cheered for her during the press conference at the Mall of Asia Arena. “I could feel the passion and the support of the fans.”

The duo Hyeongseop X Euiwoong could not stop gushing on the mic during the press con about how happy they were to finally meet their Filipino fans.

“It’s really nice to meet you. It’s really my first to come here, I could not sleep before I came to the Philippines. I really want to make unforgettable time with the fans,” Euiwoong said.

Hyeongseop made it obvious that he was the poetic one in their tandem by saying that the time he will spend onstage will be “like a dream.” He said that he hoped he will charm the fans after their performance.

They performed three songs, showcasing their charms and cuteness to the audience.

XENO-T opened the show. They also sang three songs. They sang their latest single “O.A.S.I.S” last.

They said during the presscon that they changed their name from Topp Dogg for a fresh start. Thus, their five-year idol group status has been reset into year one. They did kept the T at the end of their name to honor their fandom ToppKlass.

The third to take the stage was the 12-member group The Boyz. Their four-song performance included the catchy bops “Giddy Up” and “Right Here.”

Their maknae (youngest) Eric took the mic first to talk to the press. He said that they hope that the next time they are back in Manila is for a solo concert.

He also talked about their latest album, Sphere. My favourite track is “L.O.U.”

Because Sunwoo and I participated in doing the rap. So please look out for that too,” Eric said.

Crowd favorite MXM said that they are very happy to perform in the country. The duo of Youngmin and Donghyun performed four songs including “Diamond Girl” and “Gone Cold.” They balanced their performance by following their fast, energetic songs with slow ballads. It allowed the audience to take a break from their excitement and enjoy their vocals.

“We are very excited to present songs from our latest album,” Youngmin said. From their latest album of “More than ever,” they performed “Checkmate” and “Yayaya.”


Weki Meki


The only girl group to join the show is Fantagio’s Weki Meki. They said that they were very happy and excited to meet the Filipino Ki-lings.

They opened the show with “I Don’t Like Your Girlfriend”. They followed it with “True Valentine” and “La La La.” They ended their performance with their hit song “Crush” from their first album “Kiss, Kicks.”

The show’s headliner EXO came in last to perform four songs for the fans. They opened with “Kokobop.” Filipino fans were lucky to witness this last performance of the song before they start promoting their latest comeback, “Don’t Mess Up My Tempo.”

MBC Show Champion was organized by All Access Production.