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OCTOBER 27, 2022

HAZEL and Allan de la Cruz with son Andre and daughter Allison

(Last of two parts)

PINKY Abad-Calupe with husband Erick, son Enrico and daughter Pia

In 2012 I plan to give more time to my wife and kids. Not that they were short of it last year. I just feel that since the kids are growing up, I need to spend more quality time with them—like making my fitness and golf schedules family activities as well. This would also help in my goal of pulling the kids away from too much time on TV, computers and video games.

It would also be good to have individual time with each of my daughters, I would like to start that this year. We always go out as a family, and me and my wife go out on dates. Maybe in 2012 I’ll try and have separate solo time with my daughters Isay, Kring and Maia.

And for the not-so-fun part, I also plan to be more strict with my kids, especially when it comes to bedtime discipline. Yes, I think I need to do more of that.

I would like to instill the value of saving in my kids. I think best way to start is to show it by example. And to help them, we’ll be opening individual bank accounts for the kids to start saving their own money. —Joel Espineli

I was going through some blogs a few days before the new year, and I couldn’t help but agree on some points shared by a young mother.  And because of this, I’m making it  my parenting New Year’s resolution for the year.

My child deserves to be surrounded by more books, nature, art supplies, and the freedom to explore them. More book-reading sessions versus online and TV time, more outdoor vacations rather than arcades and malls, more arts and crafts rather than online games. I’m also excited to go back to school this time with my princess; we plan to take cooking and baking lessons together this year. —Odette Velarde

HAZEL and Allan de la Cruz with son Andre and daughter Allison

To be more creative and let my imagination run wild with my child. —Jane Kingsu-Cheng

Our new year resolutions as parents would be 1) to spend more quality time with the kids; 2) to listen and understand what they have to say; and 3) to have more patience. —Allan and Hazel de la Cruz

More adventures

1. Spend more time with the family

2. Play more, laugh more—I would love to see my kid laugh more often.

3. Have more adventures together—travel to new places with my daughter and experience the great outdoors

4. Love, not war—I will think before I talk when I’m mad.

5. I will save more money for our dream vacation and spend less on unnecessary stuff. —Melanie Vicente

NOEL Rene Nieva with kids Briana and Diego

My 2012 resolution is to start speaking Chinese more often with my baby! My parents taught me the language with much patience and perseverance, and it would be such a shame not to be able to pass it on to our son. —Margot Tan-Chua

My New Year’s resolution as a parent is to start assigning age-appropriate tasks for my two kids, one six-year-old and one two-year-old. It’s never too young to start learning responsibility. I also want to teach my kids, especially the six-year-old one, that we cannot always depend on their yayas to help them with everything. They have to learn to help themselves. —Pinky Abad-Calupe

To be more sensible and patient not only to my son’s needs, but also to those of my husband, who’s been constantly patient and supportive of me in the absence of physical support, since we’re based overseas. —Sheena Teresa Ong

I’ve been blessed with two angels. When I look at the two of them together it makes me realize that time slips by so quickly and they grow up way too fast. Time never allows a replay, so for the new year I want to be able to create more special time with my kids.

—Dixie Marinas

For the new year, I promise to communicate even more with my daughter Briana, given that she is in her pre-teens and would benefit from the fatherly advice. Diego, on the other hand, is a precocious four-year-old, so I’m going to do more activities that will help him expend his boundless energy! —Noel Rene Nieva

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