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OCTOBER 27, 2022

THREE kirins

We are approaching another Dragon Year. While everyone is busy preparing for the coming Chinese Lunar New Year on Monday, Jan. 23, it is worth knowing that, officially, the Year of the Rabbit year will end Feb. 4, at 6:40 p.m.

The official shift of energy to mark the start of the Dragon year is based on the Hsia Chinese Solar calendar.

A lot of people mistakenly refer to the Lunar New Year day as the start of an animal year. This is wrong, because the animals are like Zodiac signs—they are the 12 divisions of the Ecliptic which is the imaginary circle of the earth going around the sun. The solar calendar is more precise, as the earth goes around the sun in 365.5 days, making the solar year more regular.

In contrast, the moon goes round the earth in about 29 days, such that after 12 circulations, it only comes up to 350 days. In order to match the Solar system, the discrepancy becomes large enough after a few years to add an extra month to the lunar calendar.

Hence, an animal year should always start on “Arrival of Spring” which falls on Feb. 4 or thereabouts every year. The implication of this is that babies who are born before 18:40 hours on Feb. 4 are still considered Rabbit babies.

The key elements for this Dragon year are yang water on yang earth. Looking at the birth and destruction cycle, which is the basis for analyzing the interrelationship between the elements, earth destroys water, implying a destructive cycle. Let’s refer to the yang water, the element sitting on top, which will rule the first half of the year.

YELLOW citron

Yang water is ocean water which is forceful, pressing and impulsive. By nature, it can bring about tsunami and extreme flooding. However, it also represents wisdom and intelligence. If properly managed, it can lead to progress and reform.

The other element carried by the Dragon is yang earth, which is wet spring earth with the Dragon considered as a water pot. These two elements combined potentially favor natural calamities such as flooding and earthquakes. The animal clashing with Dragon is the Dog, also an earth element. It can bring about earth-related disasters such as collapse of buildings, mining disasters and avalanches.

On a positive note, it can also trigger new beginnings and revival. Wood industries such as textile, publishing, newspaper, magazines, agriculture, education and fashion design will benefit profitably. The earth industries may perform well—construction, land, properties.

Fire is the element most needed this year, and its absence cautions water industries such as water or beverage associated goods, shipping and travel agency to name a few. Metal industries such as transportation, finance and mining are also not so favorable.

Tough year

LOIS R. Alog

As mentioned earlier, people born in the year of the Dog or anybody with a Dog in their Four Pillars of Destiny or birth chart should expect a tough year with possible movements, travelling and changes. It is not advised to head toward Southeast as it is the direction of Grand Duke in 2012.

High mountains and potential earthquake areas should be avoided, especially in the months of April, August and a double warning on October. Engaging in high-risk activities or sports should be minimized, if they cannot be totally avoided. It is advisable to carry the Rooster in a form of pendant or bracelet to attract away the clash with the Dragon, since the two animals form a combine relationship.

Another notable fact about the Dragon is its tendency to form a penalty relationship with people born in the year of the Dragon. It connotes hidden danger, disharmony, hidden sickness, worries and irritations. As such, carrying the Rooster either as pendant or bracelet is also advised.

It is important to bear in mind that it’s not only our year animal sign that influences us. In the study of the Four Pillars of Destiny, each of the data of our birth such as the year, month, day and hour is equivalent to one animal sign. Therefore, all of them affect us and by referring to the year alone, we are only reaping one fourth of our potential.

Compatible animal signs that are into a year of harmony in 2012 are Rooster, Monkey and Rat. Depending on your overall birth chart, you may have a smooth year, and a chance to make money is indicated. People with Ox and Rabbit may face certain conflicts or changes in some aspects of your life, the impact of which will again be based on one’s personal birth chart.

To appease the Dragon, you may place a Rooster in the Southeast direction of your house (between 112.6 to 127.5 degrees to be exact), or you may opt to carry a pendant or wear a bracelet. People born in the year of Tiger and Dog will experience more travelling and movement this year.

Open mind


The Snake and Pig will experience good luck but with some setbacks. Those with Horse has an achievement star that can aid in career or academic pursuits, while those with Sheep are advised to keep an open mind and remain optimistic this year.

Feng-shui energies change on a yearly basis, so it is important that we update them as they can affect us by as much as 70 percent. The system used is Flying Star School, which recognizes one different kinds of energy existing in our environment. Represented by the numbers one to nine, each of them has a unique quality that influences our surroundings.

This year, Star 6 at the center often reflects the focus of events that may prevail throughout the Dragon year. It symbolizes metal element and breathing organ, father, heaven and the law. Countries facing elections can experience change in government, and it may also bring about health issues related to the brain and breathing organs.

The bad energy called “5 Yellow” which represents Misfortune and Obstacles flies to the Southeast sector this year. This is considered the most dangerous sector of the year; therefore, avoid using it, if possible, and pacify the negative Qi by placing more metal items made of brass, copper or iron.

The Grand Duke also resides in the Southeast, specifically at the angle between 112.6 and 127.5 degrees, so it is highly advised to avoid facing this direction especially at work so you can have better control and authority in professional and career endeavors. Animals that reside in the Southeast are the Snake and Dragon.

Health problems

METALLIC objects

This year, the Three Killings is located in the South. This is another area that is not to be disturbed as it can result to mishaps and accidents, loss of wealth and material possessions as well as persistent health problems for its occupants. We can place a live plant in this sector together with a pail of water and three kirins. The South is also the position of the Horse.

To minimize the annual 2 black representing illness in the North sector, simply place a metal wu luo. Those with Rat in their birth chart have to watch their health this year.

Wealth sectors this year are in the Northeast and West. In the West resides the Primary wealth sector, which augurs good financial returns and career advancement. If you have a yellow citron crystal, you may place this in the West to enhance wealth luck. The secondary wealth sector falls in the Northeast, so promotions and new ventures are imminent.

Put a plant in the Northeast to bring about events for celebration. Use these sectors as often to maximize the positive effects. If your house faces either one of these directions or you have a door here that you can use, you will benefit as well. Animals that will also benefit are Tiger, Ox and Rooster.

To favor academic, scholarly pursuits, career advancement or heightened romance, place a clear glass vase with water and four pieces of bamboo stalks in the East, which favors the Rabbit. The same enhancement can be done in the South for similar results.

To appease the annual 3 jade that can trigger legal issues and lawsuits, disputes, disagreements and being overly emotional, put something red in the Southwest. Those with Sheep and Monkey in their chart are cautioned to keep their temper throughout the year.

Put something blue like a rhino or any object in the Northwest to minimize the effect of annual 7 related to danger and robbery. Animals residing in the Northwest are the Dog and Pig.

Cheers to all and wishing everyone a safe and prosperous 2012!

The author finished BS Psychology at St. Paul University in Quezon City After college, she worked as a researcher for Ambassador Melchor Aquino and became an international flight attendant for Cathay Pacific Airways and was based in Hong Kong in February 1994. After being introduced to feng shui, she pursued serious metaphysical studies under grand master Lillian Too, grand master Raymond Lo, Dr. Oliver Tan, Joey Yap, master Mas and other leading experts in the field. She is one of only three Filipinos who have completed the graduate course of grand master Raymond Lo in Hong Kong. To constantly update herself, she also attends the International Feng Shui Convention in Singapore and yearly updates of her masters. E-mail her at [email protected].

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