Police fish out 'bloody hand' in canal, but it turns out to be from mannequin | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Image: Twitter/@WednesfieldPolice

Local police in the United Kingdom thought they would fish out evidence of a horrible crime from a canal, but it turned out to be something unexpected.

The Wednesfield Police in the UK said they responded to a call, which reported that someone had found a chopped, bloodied hand in a canal behind the Wednesfield High Street.

When authorities got on the scene, they did not hesitate to scoop it out of the canal. But after some “delicate fishing,” it turned out the bloodied hand that belonged not to a person, but a mannequin.

Police then posted their discovery on Twitter Thursday, and even had a warning to their followers: “[G]raphic images of a detached mannequin hand attached.”

Followers of the police’s Twitter handle quickly came up with witty puns, such as from Ian Johnson (@Fruitonice), who quipped: “Got [to] hand it to the person who fished it out.”

Another pun came from @StjPerlmutter2, saying: “Police called [in] to give a hand out.”



And JJ (@jennip2010) may have saved the best joke for last, saying: “Caught red-handed.”  /ra


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