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OCTOBER 27, 2022

The first-ever Mommy Mundo World is happening this weekend, February 16-17 at the Powerplant Mall and there’s much to celebrate!

Touted as the ultimate mom resource destination weekend, Mommy Mundo World shines the light on Mom Made: a curated list of successful and innovative mompreneurs who designed and invented their own products, created their services and developed their own brands, borne out of their passion for homegrown and proudly local enterprises.

Having started the mompreneur movement 11 years ago, Mommy Mundo is the home of Filipina mompreneurs. It initiates expos and activities for its business-moms to network, share best practices, gain support, as well as for them to showcase their offerings, sell and market them to the entire Mommy Mundo community. With Mommy Mundo events as a stepping stone, many mompreneurs have gone on to having major retailers and distributors carry their brands, branched out beyond Metro Manila, expanded product lines, employed more people, and improved not only the quality of life of her family but also her employees and the markets she serves.

Find out what they’ve put together for you at Mommy Mundo World, what inspired their local products and why they keep coming home to the Mommy Mundo Community.

DENISE GONZALES FOR INDIGO BABY: Uber life-saving products for YummyMummies, modern parents and INDIGObabies! @INDIGObaby

Indigo Baby is a pioneer in baby wearing and natural skincare products. They were already a part of the Mommy Mundo community as far back as 2008. For Mom Made, Indigo Baby features their new Boncho nursing cover colors and designs. They will also have friends from FLOW Retreats in their booth selling crystals and other all natural must-haves like bamboo toothbrushes, reusable utensil kits and energy cleansing aids.

Denise says that she and her partner Monica Manzano started their online business out of a desire to be with their children as often as possible; have more flexible time and schedules. It was also very special for them to help other young moms with breastfeeding, babywearing and all natural parenting. Denise feels that whenever she can help, then her heart is full.

Denise shares, “We are super excited to be a part of Mommy Mundo World because Mommy Mundo is top of mind when it comes to all things for mommy and baby!”

Find out more about the next batch of inspiring Mom Made mompreneurs and their local businesses. Join them at Mommy Mundo World and support their local products, Mom Made with love and #mompowerment.

LUCIEN VILLARRUZ FOR LITTLE LULI: A clothing brand for the littles and the ladies. Includes happy accessories. @littleluli

Lucien features some of their classic and well-loved pieces as well as some selected Top Picks of favorite mommy bloggers/influencers such as Cat Ledesma, Patty Laurel and Amber Folkman. There will also be new accessories for girls like the Pom Purse and playful hair accessories.

She started her brand because she wanted to have a flexible schedule that would allow her to be with her kids most of the time. Lucien wanted to create pieces that are well-made with designs that seemed simple but well-thought of for kids to enjoy for a longer period of time. That’s why most of Little Luli’s clothes are minimalist in design and color to have longer mileage—with the hopes that the clothes will grow with your kids.

Lucien shares, “Mommy Mundo is a great community of like-minded people—not just moms or women, dads and kids too. We are able to talk to each other about business and parenting. You really feel the support and the community empowers everyone to be their best selves in all aspects of their lives.”

Photo credits: Monica Baretto of Big Love Photos

MARIE FIELD-FAITH FOR POTTLY & TUBBY: Baby and Kids Goods that are all about Play. Imagination. Style. @pottlyntubby

Marie’s company first introduced to the market the now iconic kids’ teepees and whimsical bean bags, eventually expanding to more home décor that can transform any children’s room into a magical, creative space. Ever the innovator, Marie introduces her newest offering, a Toddler Rattan Bed, a bed handcrafted for Pottly & Tubby by their partner artisan, and available for ordering at the Mommy Mundo World in Natural Rattan or your Custom Colour of Choice. It’s a versatile piece of furniture, a classic with a twist, one that can be used as a toddler bed, a playroom day bed or even to put some playfulness in your living space.

She shares that Pottly & Tubby started as something to keep her brain active during a career break. Nowadays it has grown to be a business that provides alternative options for parents who have a preference for decor and play items that can function both as an aesthetic accent piece and a way to encourage imaginative play. Pottly & Tubby aim to inspire fellow parents to let their children discover creative and natural play without too much mass-produced plastic toys and to return to the magic of role playing and story-telling thru play.

Marie shares, “The Mommy Mundo community was one of our first support groups when I was new to the mompreneur world. Janice had always been encouraging and supportive, and provided us workshops and talks that helped us newbies to find direction in what we were doing. I am grateful to continue to be part of this community and to re-emphasize the presence of our locally made and designed products; that there is value in loving and supporting local.”

SHEILA CATILO FOR THE CATILO’S PHOTOGRAPHY: Specializes in lifestyle and family photography. @thecatilos

Sheila’s goal is to tell your story through their pictures. She grew up with a mom who loved taking photos of them and now that she is a mom of three herself, she finds nothing more valuable than being able to preserve all the precious moments she shares with her family as best she can.

Her mission is to do the same with other families within the short window of time she gets to spend with them during shoots.

Sheila shares, “It always makes me proud to be among people who build each other up no matter what industry we belong to. I feel exactly the same being part of Mommy Mundo World. The moms are people I’ve come to know as acquaintances, clients, colleagues and suppliers. But now they are more than that – they have become my community, a safe circle that has helped me grow in my business, my craft and, most especially, my journey through motherhood.”

INDY YCASIANO FOR INDY PLAYGROUND: Event Styling, Production & Set Design @indyplayground

Indy is the Event Stylist for Mommy Mundo World. She had always been attracted to the arts – beginning with her love for drawing and crafts as a child, to eventually taking up architecture in college and finding herself in the corporate world but still involved in the artistic side like graphic and event design. She loves fixing spaces and beautiful things. She remembers a pivotal time back in 2011 when, while working her corporate job, she discovered her first styled crafted party while visiting some US blogs. She thought to herself that this was something she could definitely do so she offered to style her niece’s baptism party and got her first paying client. Several parties after, she decided to quit corporate job to go full time with Indy Playground.

Indy shares, “I’ve always held on to the belief of collaboration over competition and when I was introduced to the Mommy Mundo community, it made me feel like this was a group of women who shared the exact same passion I had and because they were also mommies, they were so much more relatable. Being part of Mommy Mundo World makes me feel like I’ve got something worthwhile to share that other moms may benefit from. Being asked to be part of the first ever Mommy Mundo World is such an honour, because I believe so much in Janice’s advocacy and vision.”


JINKY BORINGOT OF ZYJI ENTERPRISE: Baby Bedding Set Collections @zyji_shop

Jinky will be showcasing their Luxury Hotel Linen Baby Collection and Print Collections, Universal Stroller Pad Sets, Toddler Pillows, Fitted Sheets, Kiddie Robes and other bedding necessities for babies.

She vividly remembers the time when she realized she wanted to have her own business. She had just given birth to her eldest daughter when she saw a post about moms having a mompreneur talk. It turned out to be an event of Mommy Mundo. This opened her eyes to the reality that women could be both mother and entrepreneur. She shared the vision with her husband who turned out to be very supportive in helping her start her business. The idea of doing a business of baby beddings came when they realized there were no all-white baby beddings in the malls. So they decided to make their own baby version of the All-White Luxury Beddings like you see in hotels.

Jinky shares, “Mommy Mundo’s advocacy in empowering moms is what made us want to be a part of Mommy Mundo World. I am one of those moms who they inspired to become a mompreneur and for that, I will always be grateful.”

ALEXA GUTIERREZ FOR SHOP LAYA: A collection of childhood pieces inspired by dreamy moments. @shoplaya

Laya Baby will launch the Dream Collection where the three styles are named after children Aria, Tala and Ezra. Alexa got this inspiration from living in the tropics. They wanted to create a functional, relaxed & breathable line of clothing for the little ones. Laya will also be carrying the very first vegan baby bag from the brand called, Ethos. The goal is to carry products that are environmentally friendly & non-toxic.

Alexa was inspired to be a mompreneur coming from a post-partum depression. She wanted to create something that came from her heart and made her happy. The Dream Collection styles are made with love. She had previously been in retail and took up fashion merchandising so this was where she found her joy and passion. Her partner was also her style inspiration and her aura in launching her brand. Together, they strike the perfect balance.

Alexa shares, “Janice was the reason why I joined Mommy Mundo. She guided me and invited me to launch my brand. She is amazing!”

Catch these inspiring Mom Made mompreneurs at Mommy Mundo World, Feb. 16-17 at the Powerplant Mall.

Mommy Mundo would like to thank their Co-Presentors Baby Dove and PLDT Home Fiber, and their Vendors and Partners for helping to make the biggest mom resource event this 2019! Thanks too to their Official Media Partners, InqPOP!/, Manila Bulletin, Moms & Babies, Little Big Day (LBD) by Jason Magbanua, newlyweds@work and Our Awesome Planet.

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