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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Jus2, a subunit of worldwide K-pop act GOT7, released their first mini album “Focus” on March 5. The group is composed of JB and Yugyeom. —JYP ENTERTAINMENT
Jus2, a subunit of worldwide K-pop act GOT7, released their first mini album “Focus” on March 5. The group is composed of JB and Yugyeom. —JYP ENTERTAINMENT

There are specific sensations for love.


It’s the electric feel of someone’s touch, the slow buzz of drowning in someone’s scent, the shiver in your spine as they whisper, the constant craving for a certain taste, or the immediate spark in someone’s eyes.


“Focus” by Jus2 is an ode to senses, an interesting take on slow yet subtle sensuality that pulls you in the second the six-track mini album plays. Jus2 is a subunit of globally-renowned K-pop act GOT7, composed of JB, GOT7’s leader, and Yugyeom, the group’s main dancer (who is now Jus2’s leader).


The mini album starts off slowly with its title, “Focus on Me.” The velvety voices of JB and Yugyeom leave your heart beating a little faster as they ask you repeatedly to lay it down the line for them, “to focus on me, keep your eyes on me.” There’s a certain persistence to its beat, no fancy drops—just a consistent underlying rhythm that doesn’t fail to mesmerize. The distorted auto-tuned echoes to  fill the gaps between the verses add texture to the monotonous feel of the melody. With layered synths and a down tempo drum line, the chill vibe of the title track does exactly what the name suggests, focus on Jus2.


So there’s an immediate itch of excitement once the first chords of “Drunk On You” hits your ears. The mellow plucking of an acoustic guitar and the tenderness of the vocals intoxicate you immediately, as they croon about the simple euphoria of being able to smell someone’s scent. It’s downright riveting, as they repeat the chorus, “drunk on you, dr-dr-drunk on you,” slurring a few lyrics as they wonder about the dangerous attraction a specific aroma can cause.


There’s something so gentle about the falsettos in “Touch,” that makes it all the more magnetic, accompanied by runs that feel like they’re crawling their way into your heart. The soft instrumentation is the ideal accompaniment to make the vocals shine. It’s an interesting take on feel, where JB describes shy traces of fingertips as entryways to different worlds.


“Senses” changes it up. It’s a funky house dance track that stands out. Co-produced by DJ Deepshower, who released a track with JB last year, the Seoul DJ’s signature style is all over the track. There’s a constant rhythm, with dynamic reverb effects that mesh well with the low, hushed, vocal style. It’s a track that riddles you with goose bumps, as JB and Yugyeom coax you to open up your senses.


Keeping up with the pace, club dance track “Love Talk” is an ethereal auditory experience, with a playful melody that dances in your ears. The husky voices of the Jus2 tenors make your insides tighten in a fluttery haze as they tell you they want to dance to your whispers.


The record ends on a bittersweet note, as the ardent addiction to love is translated to coffee in “Long Black,” love is craving caffeine, or so Jus2 says. A dreamlike track that hits just the right notes, much like your favorite Americano. It’s the vocals that make this unforgettable.


“Focus” is a cohesive listen, much like JB and Yugyeom who’ve worked together for years. Both participated in every step of the whole mini album, which is why the track’s atmospheric house and chill R&B and trap vibe isn’t surprising if you follow their individual Soundcloud accounts.


With a track list that adheres to minimalist musical styles—there’s something restrained about Jus2 that makes it work. Even with the two decadent voices whispering sudden sweet declarations in your ears, there’s a hint of simmering sensuality to every falsetto and chill beat. It’s a stewing musical pot that never seems to reach its boiling point, because maybe, it’s just the right temperature.


Debuting at No. 6 on Billboard’s World Albums Chart, the hypnotizing album is full of repetitive lyrics and beats that drive a point. Each track on “Focus” plays on the sensations attached to every sense, and how they play up when you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of attraction.