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OCTOBER 27, 2022

If you ask me, I’m feeling the slump.

There’s the burn from the first half of the year now that it’s July. It’s rainy season so there’s the constant urge to call in sick and just stay in bed. You feel a bit upset because you didn’t quite do the resolutions you wanted to do this year.

There’s always time to start over again. Rihanna’s Instagram post on not letting anybody waste your time is too true. And make sure that “anybody” doesn’t include you.

#1 Check-in so you can check out from work stress

There are times when you need to simply take a vacation. Face it though: Planning a getaway entails work too. How about opting for something that’s not so far from work but gives you a premium experience? Try checking in at The Alpha Suites. You’ll be treated to services that made it number 1 on TripAdvisor’s list of best hotels in Metro Manila and in Luzon.

Tagged as having  “Balesin treatment in the metro,” it offers the same acclaimed restaurants as its sister property, the exclusive Balesin Island Club.

Aside from the spacious units with a luxury bedroom, kitchen, and sala, you’ll be refreshed through its various amenities. This includes an 80-meter lagoon-style outdoor swimming pool and 500-sqm gym, 9 world-class restaurants along with sports and recreational facilities. If you want to be pampered you can also go to the Aegle Wellness Center and the Top of the Alpha, Manila’s premier jazz bar and lounge.

#2 Get a one-minute hair treatment

One minute you ask? I was also skeptical when I heard of Dove’s new 1 Minute conditioner line. Trying it out for myself, however, erased all my doubts. It did give me smoother and healthier hair in just one minute.

Instead of the usual three, five, or ten-minute wait in the shower, Dove’s new generation of conditioners works almost in no time. There’s the 1 Minute Foam Conditioner for normal to dry hair, the 1 Minute Milk Gel Conditioner for dry, damaged hair, and 1 Minute Serum Conditioner. Simply apply it to the ends of your hair after cleansing it with shampoo. What you get is softer, nourished hair after one use.

#3 Update your makeup kit

Makeup is a small reward to give yourself for work successes. Right now, I’m into 2-in-1 products that reduce the bulk of my makeup kit. They are also easy to use every day for work. Genius how I justify makeup purchasing, right?

I recently tried Maybelline’s new Sensational Liquid Matte Lip Tint. In 10 different shades including Truly MLBB, Made Easy, and Flush It Red, these lip tints are fully-pigmented non-drying matte and long-lasting. They don’t leave lipstick marks on your coffee cup. Plus it can be used as a blush.

Another option is Blk Cosmetics’ All Day Lip & Cheek Water Tint. It’s easy to use given its watery consistency. You’re bound to never to put on too much while on the go. This also makes it great to use on “no makeup” makeup days. If you need something extra against the drying effects of being stuck in an office, you can bring the BLK Sweet Lip Duo. In a small pot, you get a lip scrub and a tinted lip balm. A must on your desk.

#4 Start getting in shape

Close to a year ago, I started going to the gym at least thrice a week. It’s improved my mood and my work-life balance. These days, I always mind my schedule so I can accommodate at least an hour at the gym. This entails me working more efficiently, waking up earlier, and even feeling more accomplished.

If you want to see results fast, there’s Barre at Physique 57. This exercise combines ballet and pilates for strength training.

If you’re impatient, Barre might just be a good choice for you as there’s a claim that you will see drastic results in just eight sessions. The workout is challenging but doesn’t require a lot of previous workout experience. The exercise is friendly for people with certain physical limitations, pregnant women and moms, and for those who can’t do heavy lifting.

#5 Run errands in comfort and style

Going to the grocery, picking up the kids, attending to different appointments, meeting up with friends. Even off days at work entails you going all over the city. I suggest that to make these easier and enjoyable, get a good pair of shoes.

If you haven’t jumped on the dad shoe trend, try on a pair of Skechers D’Lites. Each pair in the collection has that on-trend chunky design so you’ll even be able to update any outfit. They just don’t look good, though. Made with Air Cooled Memory Foam insole, you will feel like walking in clouds. It also has a lightweight shock-absorbing supportive midsole so you can be on your feet the whole day.



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