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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Super Life Hacks: Quick (meal) fixes for hard-working students
Spanish sardines spaghetti —PHOTOS BY RUTH L. NAVARRA

School projects, study groups and cramming nights can make you hungry. A doting adult will not always be around to cook for you. While having something delivered to your doorstep is ideal, sometimes budget, location and time will not permit that you have a pizza or hamburger.

Take charge of your tummy. Here are some meals to keep hunger at bay using ingredients you can find in your kitchen.


Everything in your pantry works well with pasta. Leftover adobo, canned corned beef, chorizo, sweet ham, salted egg, bacon and milk can become ingredients to a delicious meal.

Spanish sardines pasta is one of the easiest to do. It is almost foolproof and it always tastes it came from a restaurant. If you live in a dorm, you can even cook your spaghetti noodles in the rice cooker. Just set your rice cooker to “Cook,” allow the water to boil before you add your salt and pasta. Wait ten minutes or less if you want it al dente.


Super Life Hacks: Quick (meal) fixes for hard-working students
Spanish sardines spaghetti —PHOTOS BY RUTH L. NAVARRA

Saute the Spanish sardines with tomatoes and sliced black olives. Crush the sardines. Add olive oil and salt. Add the cooked pasta into the pan. Mix well.

If you do not have a stove in your place, you can skip sauteing altogether. Just go straight to mixing the crushed sardines, olive oil, salt and pasta and you have a meal.

Korean Rice balls

Leftover rice can be used to make rice balls. Finely chop the ingredients you want to put in your rice balls. Carrots and mushrooms are always a nice addition. Saute the vegetables until tender. Dorm dwellers can skip the sauteing part and go straight to mixing leftover rice with sesame oil, salt and pepper in a bowl. Add crushed seaweed for more flavor.

Form bite-size balls with the mix. You can opt to add meat in the middle of the rice balls. You can use bacon, Spam or tuna and you have a delicious filling meal that you can eat while you flip your books. Use chopsticks to prevent your hands from getting sticky.


Super Life Hacks: Quick (meal) fixes for hard-working students
Korean rice balls

If you are feeling extra lazy, you can even skip forming your mixture altogether. You can eat from the bowl and scoop it up with seaweed. We will not tell on you, promise.

Cakes anytime

Mug cakes were real game-changers when it was invented. It uses almost the same ingredients as a regular cake in a fraction of the time to prep and cook it. The serving sizes are always good for one person so you do not have to worry about storing the extra.

The ingredients calls for flour, sugar, vanilla extract, baking soda, milk, oil and cocoa powder if you want it to be chocolate. It only takes less than 2-3 minutes to bake in the microwave.

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