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OCTOBER 27, 2022

What kind of drinker are you?

It’s no secret that Filipinos love to drink. And whatever the nature or reason behind it⁠—be it to celebrate a life event, to relieve some stress after a tiring week, to get over a heartbreak, or even to mourn a loved one⁠—Filipinos will find any reason to gather around and have a few drinks. More than celebration, it’s also a tradition that brings and binds people together.

And more often than not, at the center of this drinking culture is a Pinoy favorite⁠—beer. Classic, relatively affordable, no-frills, and genuinely does the trick⁠—it’s not hard to see why good old beer is well-loved and is a go-to choice for any inuman. Whether you’re a casual drinker up for enjoying a simple ale, or have a more discerning palate for elevated craft beers, there’s always a specific beer for you anytime you need or crave it. 

With the sheer power to bring together people from all walks of life, you can expect a host of different characters at any given inuman. Here are a few you’re likely to meet:

1. The instigator

The instigator is probably who got you all together in the first place. Most likely to create a group chat specifically for meeting up, the instigator is also the one who enforces banter. You can rely on the instigator to be good at steering the conversation whenever there’s dead air, and to be the first one to say, “one more” whenever someone threatens to leave. At the end of the day, the instigator just wants everyone to have fun.

2. The hypeman

The hypeman offers supporting details to juicy stories and witty side comments, and is always, always ready to cheer you on, whether on a game of truth or consequences or beer pong, or for another bottle.

3. The joker

A good inuman is made of meaningful conversation and a whole lot of laughter. Count on the joker to get the good times rolling. The all-important “life of the party”, the joker is just effortlessly comical and can turn any anecdote into a funny story–the perfect pulutan on a night of drinking.

4. The #woke

This kind of beer drinker is always ready to elevate a casual conversation into discourse. Outspoken and well-versed in socio-political issues, the #woke ka-inuman is never afraid to share opinions on relevant matters. You can rely on them to start a friendly debate over some good beer.

5. The sudden English speaker

For this kind of drinker, drunkenness is like an “on” switch⁠—magically allowing them to suddenly start conversing in (sometimes pure and fluent) English. Alcohol certainly does some funny things to people. Every inuman is a chance to see a side of your friends you’ve never seen before⁠—like unleashing their inner conyo.

6. The “one bottle lang ako

We all have that one friend, the self-imposed “one bottle limit” friend; the one that’s somewhat ready to leave the party before it’s started⁠—but almost always never can.

7. The iyakin

This type of beer drinker may just be going through a lot, or maybe it’s just in their nature. Alcohol lets you loosen up, and for some people, this means cue the waterworks. While at times it may be entertaining, the best thing to do around this kind of drinker is act how you would normally, even if alcohol were not involved–be nice, and listen to their troubles if you can.

8. The self-destructive

Another kind of drinker you may want to look out for is this one. They’ll probably be able to impress you with their sheer speed downing a number of bottles every few minutes, but you’d want to look out for them and tell them when enough is enough.

9. The low-tolerance one

The low-tolerance drinker, likely also the baby of the group, is often teased for not being able to hold their alcohol. Sometimes, they’re also the designated bantay, looking out for those who might get just a bit too intoxicated, a.k.a. the responsible one.

10. The MIA

The MIA drinker is always disappearing, probably to go to the bathroom, to make a drunk or semi-drunk call, to make new friends⁠—but really, who knows? (For some cases, the MIA drinker may also be the sleepy drunk.)

Do any of these ring a bell? Which one do you identify with the most? Maybe you’ve encountered some of these characters a few times in your friends and family. Maybe your barkada has played different roles across your many drinking sessions. What’s for sure is that any time these kinds of beer drinkers get together is a recipe for a good time. 

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