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OCTOBER 27, 2022

MAKE your own rosewater from petals. PHOTOS BY RODEL ROTONI
MAKE your own rosewater from petals. PHOTOS BY RODEL ROTONI

A bottle of rose water will make a good gift or party giveaway. This concoction dates back to the middle ages, and is still very much in use to this day.

The most familiar use for this pleasantly scented water is to spray on linens. Mist your fresh laundry before folding them away into your closet; spray onto bed sheets, and even handkerchiefs. You can also put it in a spray bottle and use as a refreshing body mist, or a hydrating spray for your face. Some delectable dishes call for the use of rose water, or you can pour it in a finger bowl as a gentle hand wash after a meal.

Blending your own rose water is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

You will need:

1 c distilled water

½ c fresh rose petals

Small strainer or sieve

Clean sterile bottle

Fill a small sauce pan with about 1 c distiller water and ½ c fresh rose petals.

Heat the water and rose petals gently in water for about an hour, not allowing the water to boil.

Let the rose water cool and then strain out the petals.

Pour your homemade rose water into your container of choice, making sure it has been sterilized.


Food coloring for extra color—Drop a small quantity into the mixture to tint the water.

Rose-scented essential oil—Drop a small quantity into the mixture while heating to strengthen the scent.

You can save the rose petals and put in the container.

This mixture should be used within a week; you can also store in the refrigerator to extend use.

If given as a gift, place in a decorative bottle, print out or personalize your own labels and stick on the bottle.

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