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OCTOBER 27, 2022

We’re counting down the days to 2020 with something special.  This is “20 Before 2020”: a series of 20 stories and listicles in celebration of 2019 and anticipation of 2020. We’re going to take a look back at fashion and beauty trends we loved, the moments that made us click “Share” and the other newsmakers that kept the group chats buzzing. Plus, we’re predicting what 2020 will bring us. Watch this space!


Oh, the places you will go to this 2020! We do believe here in Lifestyle.INQ that the last month of the year is an excellent time to map out your next trip. This way, you can prepare work around a good schedule, set aside the funds you need, and also score some early bird rates.

In the past,  everyone’s feed was all about the cherry blossoms of Japan or the picturesque houses of The Netherlands. Wonder what would be the trend this 2020? Are people going to flock to where Game of Thrones was shot? Are there new discoveries in popular cities? Or are there going to be hidden gems coming into the limelight now that we’ve gone through the usual tourist path?

We’ve rounded up ten different destinations and the reasons why they’ll most likely be the hashtags of your travel photos this 2020.

1. Marrakech, Morocco


With the visa rules eased and the direct flights in place, Morocco is going to be a popular place for Filipinos. Forbes notes how the site is full of adventure and wonder. It’s where you can go for a camel ride one day and visit Yves Saint Laurent’s house the next.

2. Dubrovnik, Croatia


Dubrovnik is a place for architecture buffs with its medieval landmarks. You’ll also enjoy the Adriatic Sea and drinking in the coastal life of this quiet old town.

3. Tel Aviv, Israel


Book some tickets to Tel Aviv as it’s a booming metropolis full of youthful energy but also rich with history. Go to the hip Florentine neighborhood but also indulge in old-world delights at the Camel Market. It’s fascinating how Tel Aviv merges old and new into a tapestry of today’s life and yesterday’s memories.

4. Siargao, Philippines


Visit this spot before the entire world does. Conde Nast Traveller pinpoints this beach as a top destination for 2020. It’s a surfer’s delight and also a paradise for motorbiking and laid-back accommodations that are all about eco-entrepreneurship.

5. Osaka, Japan


People who go to Osaka always come back home saying they’ll visit again in a heartbeat. It’s a busy town filled with opportunities for luxury vintage shopping and busy izakayas. Culture is in every corner with oddities in between, such as vending machines that sell almost everything. Why does no one get over Osaka? There’s only one way to find out.

6. Thimphu, Bhutan


If there’s a severe need for you to get away, Bhutan is where you need to be. No traffic lights, a deep reverence for peace of mind, and a celebration of nature’s wonder: it’s all here. You do have to set aside a certain amount for every day, as required by the country’s law, and spend an absolute minimum for each day. Still, it remains to the tourist spot for those who want to go beyond the usual attractions.

7. Salzburg, Austria


Ranked #1 best city to visit in 2020 by Lonely Planet, Salzburg is the place to be. 2020 is the Salzburg Festival’s centennial, and the city is turning it up to 100. The city will be filled with 200 + productions: theatre, classical music, and opera in their legendary venues.

8. Puebla, Mexico


For an authentic Mexican city sans the tourist hype, go to Puebla as recommended by National Geographic. The town boasts of baroque architecture and a fusion of indigenous and colonial influences. Puebla’s 100-block city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s untouched by time. Don’t forget to go on a food trip here too!

9. Sunbury, Victoria, Australia


Where you can enjoy a glass of wine and a barbeque on a pleasant day for each day you’re there. For trips to the coast and breezy life in a city that carries the promise of the 21st century.

10. Malindi, Kenya


A popular pick for those who love AirBNB, Malindi is at the crossroads of African, Arab, and European culture. Enjoy this mix of influences amid a backdrop of nature.


Photo courtesy of @visitsalzburg

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