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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Pinch test: Dr. Belo shows everyone there's not a lot of skin to pinch on the mayor after the Thermage FLX.
Pinch test: Dr. Belo shows everyone there’s not a lot of skin to pinch on the mayor after the Thermage FLX.


“Men are vain, they just don’t know what to do.”

I got this from Dr. Victoria “Vicki” Belo at this week’s launch of Belo Medical Group’s newest face: Manila Mayor Isko Moreno.

Women have no problems seeking professional help when it comes to skin care. We’re advocates of going to the dermatologist at least once a month, and we have our customized nightly routines. So when we see a man visit a Belo clinic, we don’t raise our eyebrows.

It’s the men who need a little push to get self-care, Dr. Vicki said. Like women, men are concerned about aging, experience collagen and elastin loss, and are bothered by wrinkles.

However, men start skincare later than women. By then, there’s catching up to do and not a lot of resources to draw from.

Therefore, Mayor Isko talking about Thermage FLX was so timely.

He admitted to being scared of needles and anxious about how long a procedure takes. A busy man, he can barely spare an hour for a treatment. Add to that the fact that he gets impatient—just like other men.


Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho

Men talk, too

“If girls talk, men talk, too,” said Moreno, sharing the concerns of guys his age when it comes to fine lines and heavy jowls.

He said that men are just as annoyed by the effects of aging, as women are—only men don’t know whom to trust to help them out.

At a certain age, collagen decreases, which means your skin loses its natural plumpness. What you get are lines on your face, prominent especially around your mouth.

Thermage FLX uses patented radiofrequency (RF) technology to help tighten skin, smoothen out wrinkles, and contour the face, eyes and body.

“Everybody says I looked a little younger after the treatment,” said Mayor Isko.

A man who’s proud of the lines that come with age, he wanted nothing drastic from Belo Medical —just a little something to slow down the hands of time and to help him look and feel better without much fuss.

Thermage FLX’s results can last a year and one looks better in time.

The mayor’s Thermage FLX experience reinforces his belief that Belo Medical offers world-class treatments. “The big billboards I saw in Hong Kong about Thermage are just the same we have in Manila. And we have the best doctors, too.”

As with every endorser Belo Medical Group partners with, it looks like Dr. Vicki has found the perfect example for her clients.

“Mayor Isko has a good heart and really wants to help,” she said.

The two met during their “Transforming Lives Beyond Beauty” mission for children with cleft palates. “Plus he’s a man’s man. Men will listen to him when it comes to seeking the expertise they need.”

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