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OCTOBER 27, 2022

No drama like ‘Vagabond’
“Vagabond” is the second drama of South Korean actor Lee Seung-gi since he got out of the military. The first one was “Korean Odyssey/Hwayugi” —PHOTOS: NETFLIX

We asked Airens (fandom name) to write a letter to Lee Seung-gi for his 16th debut anniversary. They flooded our inbox with their sincere thoughts and love for the triple threat entertainer. Some have loved him since he debuted as a singer with “Because You’re My Woman.” They supported him in his dramas like “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho,” “A Korean Odyssey” and “Vagabond.” They promised that he can count on them until the end.

As a college student, I always watch your dramas multiple times to make myself stress free. You are my source of happiness, inspiration, motivation and hope. I am very lucky to be your fan. —Mary Mae Divino

I feel so lucky that I have you as my stress reliever. I’m so proud of all your accomplishments. We always want to see you on screen but your health is our priority, so please our dear Seung-gi, always stay healthy. —Airenseunggi27

I was raising my 10-year-old son when I first heard about “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho.” I was busy raising him as a single parent that I didn’t have time to watch K-dramas. Now that he’s in college, I get to binge-watch all your movies and K-dramas on Netflix. You are like an adopted son that I have taken into my heart and want nothing but for you to succeed and marry well in the future. —Lalaine D. Corcuera

I came to know you through my sister. She’s such an avid fan of yours and she keeps telling me how great you are not just as a celebrity but a good person, too. Because of you, my sister and I became closer. —Sheen

I watched three of your “Vagabond Voyage” fan meets. I cried when you sang in Manila. I was the happiest during the hi-touch in Malaysia. And I hope you got my gift in Taiwan. —Czarina Czmal Tan

I never thought I will love an artist the way I love you. Your name is music to my ears. —Mae Gecale

You’ve come a long way. It was not easy to be a singer, actor and a host yet you managed to succeed and still be very passionate at everything. I hope we were able to make you smile at a time you need it the most. It’s important to us that you are always happy. —Camille

Please consider me as your loving grandma from the Philippines. Praying for your safety and happiness. —Elvira C. Gallano

I heard you sing, “Because You’re My Woman” when I was tutoring a middle school child 15 years and 7 months ago. I am still a fan. I have watched you grow as an artist, supported you through your movies, series, albums and other merchandise. I lost more than half of these collections through severe flooding when “Ondoy” hit the Philippines in 2009. I was devastated, of course. But I started collecting again little by little. When I went to Busan for your concert in 2013, I got lost and almost missed it completely. I cried a ton in front of the security guard shamelessly! —Shieg

I am grateful to you every day. Your music saved me when I was worried about my dad when he was fighting for his life in 2012. We may not be personally acquainted that deep, but you’re someone I will forever keep. —Grace noona

I just want to thank you for being an inspiration to everyone and for being my source of happiness since I became your fan 10 years ago. Coping with depression and panic disorder has been easy just by seeing your bright smile and positive demeanor in life.

Shine brighter and I wish you all the best. Know that I will forever be cheering for you no matter what. —ChaCha

I consider you a role model to aspiring stars and even youngsters of this generation. I am a mother of five kids who are near your age. I fondly share with my husband and children my adoration for you. I often tease them that I am adopting you as one of my sons. Please don’t tell your parents. —Mayette Agsalud

The past few months, I got physically weak due to an irregular heartbeat. I was prescribed medicine, but the best medicine is hearing your songs and watching your shows. Thank you for making me strong through the tough times. Because of you, I’m a lot better now. —Elle

When I went abroad to work, I felt homesick all the time. I relied on your music, movies and variety shows. I relied on you. Wishing you the best of continuous success! —Baneza

June is also special for me because this is my birth month (June 9). I wish for you to be healthy. I love you. Congratulations! —Regina Rian

I was not there for your debut but rest assured that I will be by your side until the end. We will always root for your success, not only in your career but also the other things you are pursuing. We pray for your good health and of course, good health of your loved ones. We are always thankful to have you in our lives. I love you, oppa. Take care always. —DaeAnne

I just want to thank you and tell you how much you have inspired me every day since I became your Airen from 2010. You are my adrenaline, my caffeine and source of good vibes every day. I wish you to be always well and healthy. I cheer for your happiness. —Florence

There’s no one who has worked as hard as you the past few years. No matter how big a crowd may be, a person like you always stands out. May this success lead to greater achievements in the years to come. You deserve all the great things that are coming. I love you always! —Angela Baguio

I became a fan of Korean dramas after “Korean Odyssey.” It’s also around that time that I began to love you and watched your other works. What I love the most about you are your wit and charm. —Mary Grace Perioles

You’ve achieved a lot in 16 years. You make me proud that I am an Airen. You are one of the reasons I am graduating from school. I really want to find a good job so I can afford to buy your merch and go to your fan meets. —Angelica Licardo

I joined LSG Groups after I saw you in “The King 2 Hearts.” I became addicted to you in a few months and finished all your variety shows, concerts and series. I wish to attend your fan meeting or concert in person. And that will complete my dream as a fan. —Mariane Hernandez

I became a K-drama fan after watching “A Korean Odyssey” because of your amazing performance. I watched it eight times. Your sweet voice is heavenly music any time—day or night. Finally, your antics in “All the Butlers” never fail to entertain. —Susie Selorio

I thank you for coming into my life as my inspiration and role model. Thank you for teaching me to strive harder and always try to do my best at everything. —Love Arcena

Your positivity in life and being humble give me strength every day. I suffer from anxiety, yet you give me reasons to be strong for my family. You and your songs give me strength and hope. —Ryjena1985

Thank you for continuously inspiring us. We’ll always love and support you. —Lei

I have loved you since “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho.” I become emotional every time I hear you singing your songs. I am into you because I can see how you put all of your best, your passion, emotions and dedication in doing your work and that makes you stand out. —Sandra Balicat

Thank you for sharing 16 years of your life with us. The number signifies your hard work, passion and love for the craft that you chose. I am motivated to be a better version of myself every time I see you doing your best. —Ayra

Just continue being good and a blessing to everyone. Please release your seventh album. Much love and take care. —Fatima Asakura

Please continue to provide quality entertainment to your fans around the world. Hoping for more projects from you including Season 2 for “Vagabond,” “Hwayugi” and “Gu Family Book.” —Sheng

You pushed me to believe in myself. You helped me conquer all the challenges I faced.

You become my oppa whenever I feel lonely. You shine bright whenever darkness tries to consume me. —Rhoanne Gabucay

Everything you do—acting, dancing, or singing—makes my heart skip a beat. Thank you for doing your best just to make your fans happy. I would love to see more of you in the future. —Kate Yeen

I’m Marrie, a 23-year-old law student. I take the opportunity to chill and get rid of all the stress I’ve accumulated since 2017 when I started law school. On the other hand, for the past 16 years, you’ve been tirelessly doing your best to make your Airens all over the globe happy. —Marrie Santiago

Dreams do come true. It happened when we saw you in person during the fan meet in Manila. —Bhaby Ghie

Thank you for sharing your exceptional talent. You made me laugh with your wit and your soulful voice makes my heart flutter. You make me smile through the pandemic. —Leonor Doller

In celebration of your 16th debut anniversary, I have no other wish than your good health. —Jevi

Every night, I play your songs until I fall asleep. That way I can dream about you singing next to me. Hope to see you again just like at your fan meet last October 2019 here in Manila. —Shara Jane de Guzman

I admit I have so many oppas in my life, but you are different from them, You are husband material. I hope to see you in person. —Mary Grace Berdida

Thank you for all the endless love and joy that you had shared with us all these years. You have indelibly inculcated within us the core values of genuine success. —Dhes Velasco

The world is changing but our support and love for you will always be the same. —Michelle Abe

I’ll just keep on supporting you no matter what happens. I have anxiety but you helped me through it. —Leonila Ortega Servillita

I have a 5-year-old niece (Aliyah) who is also a big fan of yours. She dreams of going to Korea with me and meet you someday. She’s been saving diligently in her three piggybanks. —Arlene Opiña

My admiration for you as an actor/singer grows every day. —Elsie Dioneda

I know being an artist is not an easy job, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. —April Flores

I have been in the United Arab Emirates as a domestic helper for two years. Thanks to you, time moves faster because I watch your variety shows and series. —Icel Dapar

If you get tired, reward yourself with a break. You are my happy pill. —Vanessa G.

In “Little Forest,” you’ve shown us that you can be a good father in the future. Looking forward to your new show and hopefully an album. —Mary Grace Remot

I just love seeing your expressions when you’re happy, overwhelmed or surprised. I can’t help myself but to fall for your irresistible charm. —Clangclang

I really admire you. I hope you’ll be continually blessed for you are an amazing and wonderful person. Hope one day I get chance to see you in person. —Queen

Please take care of yourself as we face the pandemic. Please come back soon when all is well. —Sheila

I smile every time I hear your songs. Thank you for visiting the Philippines. —Glenn April Joy

The best compliment for Seung-gi is to ask, “What can’t he do?” I shed tears because of how proud I am of your hard work. —Nadia Jihan Safitri

Please continue to be dedicated and passionate in your life and your career. You give us hope and inspiration to overcome the challenges we face in our lives. —Cherry Budy

My favorite part of watching “All the Butlers” is you getting up from the bed. Keep inspiring people around the world. —Rose Ann Driz

It’s destressing to watch your dramas and shows, listen to your music, and it makes me giddy whenever I receive your updates. You are one of my refuges and a happy pill especially in this COVID-19 (new coronavirus disease) pandemic. —Jairah Ross

I also want to thank you personally for being an artist and letting me watch and laugh with you even from afar. —Jasmine De Jesus

We love you for your talents, sincerity, passion, wit, flaws and clumsiness. You can always count on us to be your reliable compass. —Eva T. Servino

You brighten my day every time I see your photo on my phone. In the future, I’m looking forward to new dramas, movies, variety shows and album releases. —May

There are no words to explain how you touched the lives of your fans and inspired us to move forward. —Kim Tiempo

Please read my messages on Instagram! —Jhi

I am thankful for meeting you. I had cancer but you showed me how wonderful life is. Loving you was not a mistake. I will always be here to cheer you on until my last breath. That I can promise you. —Emilyn M. Munar

I am a late bloomer of K-drama and K-pop. “Korean Odyssey” has made me an Airen, it was a blessing for me to go to your fan meet. —Maria Theresa Rose Lim

Thank you for entertaining us with your voice and drama. I was so happy to see you in person when you came here last year. I hug your standees in the mall. —Rachel

I still remember the day I fell for you. I was watching “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho” and I couldn’t take my eyes off you. —Jestine Lara Lee

Since Day 1 you never failed your dear Airens. —Wilhermione

I had depression last November 2015. Then I saw “The King 2 Hearts” and listened to “Will You Marry Me?” Every time I got lonely, I just listen to your songs. I recovered from my depression because of you. —Dionna May Gonzales

Your good character is your biggest impact, not your handsomeness (I’m kidding). You are caring person and a gentleman that makes my heart flutter. —Lai Nacario

Please take care of yourself always. —Carla Villegas

I was really amazed when I learned that you can speak Japanese. I was so happy and made my heart flutter. —Jem

I promise my unwavering support for as long as you need. As long as you want. As long as it takes. I love you 3,000, my airenman! —Lani Lazaro

The recent years have been filled with joy since I got to know you in “My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho.” I wish for a safer world so I can meet you again hopefully in your concert. While we wait for that chance, may your passion strengthen everyone who loves you! —Jen Concepcion

You really have a positive smile! You inspired all Airens to live a happy life. —AirensPhil

I first learned about you from a middle school kid I was tutoring back in the day.

For the wisdom, positivity and personality you have shown that I admired the most, thank you for being a great public figure. Thank you for the strength, inspiration and motivation. —Angel

I am a new recruit as an Airen, but I know it doesn’t matter the length of being your fan. Rest assured that you will always have my 100-percent support in everything that you do. —Giselle Mallari

“All the Butlers” is the best variety reality show on earth! Full of fun, very inspirational and so many lessons to learn. May it last for more years. —Hope Hu

Thank you for being my constant source of laughter. Glad that I met new friends by being your fan. —Medz

Is there anything you haven’t done? —Dianne

It’s been 11 years since I became your fan. You never fail us, you showcase your talent, you always make us proud. This is the reason why I love and like you very much. —Jovie

I hope to see you again in the Philippines. I hope that the next time you are here, it will be for a concert. —Jenni

God bless you and stay healthy. Hope to see you again here in the Philippines! Until then… we love you. —Airen Mau

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