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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Korina Sanchez. Image: Instagram/@korina

Broadcaster Korina Sanchez shared much about her private life in her interview with entertainment journalist G3 San Diego recently, revealing she once dated Mexican telenovela actor Fernando Carillo. She also stated that she does not ask for money from her husband, politician Mar Roxas.

Sanchez also revealed much about her personal convictions in the Instagram Live chitchat with San Diego; a collage of photos to mark it can be seen on her Instagram page, posted on Monday, Aug. 10.

“Yes, the G3 interview didn’t disappoint I guess. Many heartwarming and aliw (amusing) reactions. Can’t remember everything we talked about but I think I admitted at some point that I dated a [Mexican] telenovela actor once before. And yes, I do not ask money from my husband. Not yet anyway [laughs],” she said.

She also gave some pointers on the topic of empowered women in love.

Believing that love “can only be voluntary,” she feels that “no document can gauge, guarantee or dictate true love” and that “love cannot be dictated or demanded.”

“Yes, I declared to Mar then: we don’t need to get married. Pero gusto pa rin nya (But he still wanted it),” she revealed.

While she believes in commitment, she feels that it can “dissipate when misery is daily and respect flies out the door.”

“Kaya ang marriage vow ko (Which is why my marriage vow) is not ’till death do us part.’ It is ‘hanggang makakaya ko’ (while I still can).”

Sanchez also believes that “love isn’t just a feeling” because “it is consistent acting on that feeling.”

“Kung mahal mo nga siya pero di naman niya maramdaman ang love mo, ano ‘yun? (If you love him but he can’t feel your love, what is that?)” she said.

Sanchez also stated that she is a “big believer in a woman earning her own money.”

“This is freedom. And freedom is happiness. This is self respect. If you respect yourself, others have no choice but to respect you.”

Morality, to Sanchez, is “relative,” as she explained, “You and your partner must have a customized definition of what constitutes loving behavior – that you both agree on, and that is your pact.”

Lastly, Sanchez believes that one’s happiness should not be anchored on anyone else.

“You must be happy. And you cannot rely on any one else for your happiness,” she said. “You create it for yourself.” JB


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