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How to maximize your freezer

How to Maximize Your Freezer

Refrigerators are known to be the “life savers” in the kitchen. It prevents food spoilage, saves you multiple trips to the grocery, and lets you stock up on food for longer through the freezer. However, just throwing your food inside the freezer is not enough to keep them from spoiling. Improper storage could still cause your food to go bad in the long run. So here are some ways that can help you prevent this and make the most out of your freezer space:

Switch containers 

Most households have developed this habit: letting the butcher place the meat inside a plastic bag and when you get home, placing it straight into the freezer. This later on becomes a hassle because the plastic sticks to the meat and ruins it. So instead of just throwing them straight into the freezer, use clear containers instead and portion beforehand so you won’t be forced to defrost the whole thing. 


To ensure that you’re making the most out of your refrigerator’s freezer space, label your containers with what’s inside as well as the date when you bought them. This allows you to sort and know which food to consume first. Place items that you won’t be eating anytime soon at the back and the ones you will use at the front. Feel free to adjust from time to time to make sure that nothing is forgotten inside. 

Right Temperature

Keeping the food frozen at whatever temperature may actually do more harm than good. The wrong temperature can cause freezer burn – a state in which the food gets dehydrated and oxidized which changes its texture and overall taste. Though it does not lessen the nutrients, there’s no need to settle for rubbery meat when it can be avoided. 

To make meal storage easier for families, Whirlpool designed its Quattro Multi-Door Refrigerator to help you maximize your freezer to the fullest. With its 24 cu. ft. capacity and multiple compartments, there are now many ways to store your food that are both effortless and efficient. Its 6th Sense Fresh Lock and Freeze Lock preserve the nutrients and flavors by automatically adjusting during temperature fluctuations – making freezer burns a thing of the past. 

Another main highlight of the Quattro Multi-Door Refrigerator is its Flexi Freeze Compartment which lets you set the temperature into three modes: the 7ºC Soft Freeze mode is for when you want to skip the defrosting process. Second, the -12ºC Mild Freeze mode is for keeping ice cream soft and easy to serve. Lastly, the -18ºC Deep Freeze mode is for retaining the nutrients of items that you wish to stock for now. 

All of these are combined with Zen Inverter Technology, so you can enjoy energy savings while enjoying the benefits of a side-by-side refrigerator. If you think that it may be too much, the Quattro Refrigerator is also available in a 16 cu ft. version for a smaller capacity with the same advantages.

Whirlpool’s Multi-Door Quattro Refrigerator and other home appliances are available in their showrooms in Quezon City, Bacolod, Cebu, Davao, and Iloilo as well as in all leading appliance stores nationwide. To check out Whirlpool’s full list of products, you can check out their Official Facebook Page or their site at