'NaKakieLokal': Frankie Pangilinan speaks up for local, ethical products | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

kakie ig local prods
Image: Instagram/@frankiepangilinan

Singer Frankie Pangilinan has put to good use her social media influence once again by throwing her support this time for locally made products.

Pangilinan made public her advocacy to help locally-produced goods using the hashtag NaKakieLokal in her Instagram post yesterday, Sept. 23.

“Hi guys! I’m starting a new series of posts called #NaKakieLokal to support a bunch of local brands I love that I hope you can check out,” she stated.

Pangilinan believes that “local businesses need our help now more than ever” as “the pandemic has taken so many livelihoods and deprived people of opportunities.”

She stressed that she will endorse products for free as her own little way of helping out local entrepreneurs.

“None of these posts will ever be sponsored/paid for, these will all be items either sent to me without contractual obligation or purchased with my own money. All 100% local and most are sustainably + ethically sourced,” she explained. “If you see me advertising a product with the #ad tag instead of the #NaKakieLokal tag, then that’s paid for tho.”

kakie ig local prods
Image: Instagram/@frankiepangilinan

Pangilinan then described a few locally made products, first of which was a makeup product.

“I’m wearing their colourtint in the shade ‘ocean,’ don’t be deterred by the ‘oil-tint’ description, the formula doesn’t move around foundation or concealer and it’s pigmented, smooth, and blends in super well,” she said of a @colourette.cosmetics product. “I’m wearing it here on both my lips and cheeks!”

Next were scented candles by a local brand which apparently is into ethical ways of production.

“They sent me two of their lavender candles and I’ve lit one it smells soooo good,” she raved of the @sunnylabel product. “I wholly appreciate their commitment towards sustainable and ethical practices and [I] can’t wait to purchase more from them as soon as my candles have burnt out.”

Pangilinan, daughter of Megastar Sharon Cuneta and senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, is also known for being vocal about social and political issues. JB


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