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OCTOBER 27, 2022

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Image: Instagram/@nicobolzico

Actress Solenn Heussaff’s husband, businessman and internet darling Nico Bolzico, loves drinking water seriously. Fact is, he follows a strict daily routine of drinking lots of water.

It may be odd to others but Bolzico quenches his thirst by drinking more than the daily drinking requirement of an average person, as detailed in his Instagram post yesterday, Oct. 5.

“Drinking water while showering with an extra bottle of water for when the one you are drinking runs out, is the next level of water consumption,” he said, accompanying his photo where he is shown taking a shower outdoors and drinking water from a bottle. He then shared his water-drinking routines.

He drinks 1.5 liters first thing in the morning, then another 1 liter from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. while working at his desk.

“Tip, make sure you have the water next to you, if necessary, put alarm every 45 minutes to remind you,” he said.

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Image: Instagram/@nicobolzico

He needs another 1 liter of water after working out because he sweats more “than a fake witness in court.”

He consumes 250 milliliters before having lunch and another 250 milliliters after. He doesn’t drink water during lunch. Another 1 liter is consumed during the afternoon while working.

Bolzico consumes 250 milliliters of water before dinner and 250 milliliters after, again but none during dinner.


“In total, I drink around 5 liters of water a day!” he summed up. “That does not mean that everyone should drink 5 liters of water a day, it will depend on your lifestyle, but make sure you drink your water.” JB


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