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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Despite the current economic state, one of the leaders in the appliance industry still sees a steady increase in demand for selected appliances. Fujidenzo Home Commercial Appliances has seen a shift in consumer behavior among its customers during this pandemic, a surprising change in priorities has led to the stability despite the pandemic.

Fujidenzo Home and Commercial Appliances Marketing Director, Adrian Jasper Sioco said that he has seen the silver lining for this industry, and this was brought by the emergence of Homepreneurs.

The effect of the pandemic

With people being forced to stay at home, many turn to online sellers to buy their basic necessities. More and more people prefer to have their needs delivered rather than going outside themselves to get them; this led to the rise of online food businesses.

“We’ve been getting a number of new customers since the lockdown. Most are new to the food business and are reselling products from bigger brands, especially frozen food that people can cook at home for themselves, said Mr. Sioco. According to him, food industry giants may have closed some of their physical stores but some have changed their business models, they slowly boosted their online delivery and some have shifted to reselling some of their products to keep their businesses afloat.

Business Improvements

Because of the shift in consumer behavior, the needs of businesses have changed. Rather than focusing on their physical stores, they now have to cater to their online customers. Hence, the need to improve or expand their operations, this is where Fujidenzo saw a big change.

“We have been catering to many businesses for more than a decade and we’d like to continuously serve this industry and help them thrive during this pandemic,” Mr Sioco said. Fujidenzo has been the chosen brand of many food industry giants and SMEs when it comes to a trusted partner for their business. Even with this pandemic, Fujidenzo has seen a steady rise in demand for commercial appliances like freezers and chillers among SME customers. And up to now, Fujidenzo has continuously fulfilled this on-going demand.

New Normal, New Business 

The emergence of ‘homepreneurs’ has been significant. Mr Sioco said, “We’ve been getting customers who are now setting-up shop at home; people who used to have 9-5 jobs, office employees. A lot of them are looking for high quality freezers and chillers and it is with them that we have noticed the numbers rise.” Fujidenzo has seen a rise in commercial appliance purchases that are being delivered in residential areas. According to Mr. Sioco, “People would like the chance to earn more in the comforts of their homes, the pandemic has prompted them to start businesses without worrying about getting a big capital to cover high rental rates from commercial areas, salary for a number of employees, and high electricity bills. With food businesses being done online, you remove this overhead costs and all you’re left with is investing in an appliance that you can rely on. And choosing quality will always be a customer’s top priority and that’s what Fujidenzo has been providing its customers through the years.”

“I think this is a positive turning point for the industry. As we slowly move in to the new normal, Fujidenzo would also like to help these budding homepreneurs with their ventures by making sure that quality products are widely available and supported by over 300 service centers nationwide,” Mr. Sioco added. And with this newfound, persistent need for quality and energy efficient appliances, people now, more than ever, are looking to invest in the best appliances for their business and most especially for their homes.

Fujidenzo Home and Commercial Appliances has a wide range of products that can cater to any food business, no matter how big or small; and you can start your business anywhere because Fujidenzo is available in all leading appliance stores nationwide. For more information, visit their website at www.fujidenzo.com or their Facebook page at Fujidenzo Appliances.


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