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OCTOBER 27, 2022

Filipinos are fast becoming coffee connoisseurs, and it shows in their growing interest and passion for seeking a fantastic brew. 

While Pinoys have always loved the hot beverage, the burgeoning specialty coffee market illustrates just how much they’ve elevated their preferences and how their desire has intensified to redefine their drinking experience. Ask any millennial and they will most likely be able to describe to you the differences between an espresso, a cappuccino, a latte, or a macchiato.

As the nation transitions to the “new normal”, many cafes, including those offering specialty coffee, have been forced to temporarily close as people choose to stay indoors for safety reasons. Fortunately, coffee lovers can still satisfy their cravings for their favorite crafted concoctions, as companies such as Curve Coffee Collaborators of Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation brings them Hardwork, a line of local coffee created to make specialty coffee more accessible to the common Filipino. 

Curve is a team of professionals who enjoy discovering, roasting, and distributing Philippine specialty coffee. Not only does Curve bring the country’s best-tasting coffee, but it also aims to support the livelihood of coffee farmers amid the pandemic.

Curve Coffee Collaborators officially launches the Hardwork Coffee Box to let Filipino coffee lovers experience the origin of their Philippine Specialty Coffees

Taste the origin, anytime

To provide coffee lovers with more ways to enjoy their favorite drink, the Curve Hardwork Box was created to let them taste the origin of its world-class Philippine Specialty coffees anytime and anywhere.

Each Curve Hardwork Box contains one 250G pack of Hardwork coffee beans, one Hardwork Coffee Drip Box, and one 250ml bottle of Hardwork Cold Brew, all in one variant of your choice.

Hardwork is the result of the diligent research of Equilibrium’s Curve Coffee Collaborators who traveled all throughout the country for one-of-a-kind coffee bean varieties from the terrains of Northern Luzon to the highlands of Mindanao. These are Boutique, Limited-Edition Microlot Coffees sourced from small farmer stakeholders with very limited volume harvested per season. 

Under the Curve Hardwork Box, consumers can effortlessly brew their cup of choice, through the available ready-to-brew and ready-to-drink variants.

Enjoy your daily dose of local specialty coffee using your favorite brewing technique at home with Hardwork Coffee beans! 

Always on the go? Stock up on Hardwork Coffee Drip Bags, which you can take it to the office, the gym, or even when you’re trekking. Simply tear off the top of the drip bag, pull the handles out, mount these on your mug or cup, pour hot water over it to brew, and remove the bag when you’re ready to start sipping! 

If you want a more refreshing beverage, the Hardwork Cold Brew has ready-to-drink offerings for that instant fix, using local high-quality coffees. For the coffee variants, drink it as is or add ice, hot water, flavoring syrups and/or milk, to your liking. For the hot water, Curve recommends using a 1:1 to 1:4 hot water to coffee ratio, with the hot water temperature at 93°c to 95°c.

Each Curve Hardwork Box includes a pack of Hardwork Coffee beans, a box of Hardwork Drip Coffee, and a bottle of Hardwork Cold Brew, all in one variant of your choice.

Experience Philippine coffee’s diverse flavor profiles

Ready to taste the best coffee the country has to offer? Sample world-class coffee from Northern Mindanao and the Cordilleras with the Curve Hardwork Box. It’s like taking a stroll through the country’s scenic mountain regions as you take a sip and experience the rich and diverse local flavor profiles, available in beans, drip and cold brew formats.


Flavor profile: Dried Fig. Anise Spice.

Grown meticulously, picked, processed, and dried by a small group of farmer families from the barangay of Shilan in La Trinidad, Benguet


Flavor profile: Dark Chocolate. Sweet Wildberries.

Named after Curve’s partner farmer, Helen, who carefully selects, processes, and sorts this Bourbon coffee variety grown in the mountain sides of Ampucao in Itogon, Benguet 

Mt. Apo 

Flavor profile: Cashew Nuts. Cacao. Spice.

Award-winning coffee from the terrains of Mt. Apo and the product of a partnership with the Balutakay Coffee Farmers Association (BACOFA) in Davao del Sur

Lake Napalit

Flavor profile: Floral. Tea-Like. Jackfruit.

Cultivated by local farmers with the healthy soil and cool climate of Mt. Kalatungan’s dense rainforests, delivered and processed in partnership with BMMPC Cooperative at Curve’s own facility nestled beside Lake Napalit in Bukidnon

With a growing number of discerning coffee drinkers in the country, Curve Coffee Collaborators continues to develop high-quality coffees to meet their preferences. Amid the pandemic, it stays true to its mission of supporting and promoting world-class coffee in the Philippines, and making these conveniently available for every Filipino.

Aside from the new Hardwork Box, Curve has an existing line of Philippine Coffees; ready-to-drink cold brew coffees and teas; as well as ready-to-brew coffee drip bags that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Cold Brew Line:

  • Black Mamba Coffee Concentrate
  • Mocha (Cold Brew + Dark Chocolate)
  • Mestiza (Cold Brew + White Chocolate)
  • Morena (Cold Brew + Salted Caramel)
  • Matcha Green (Cold Brew Green Tea)
  • Matcha Black (Cold Brew Black Tea)
  • Strawberry Cold Brew Tea
  • Peach Cold Brew Tea

Coffee Drip Bag Line:

  • Marikit (Arabica Blend)
  • Makisig (Arabica + Robusta Blend)
  • Makisig at Marikit (Pinagsamang Sarap ng Kape) 
The post card contains the photo and story of the place where the coffee was planted, cultivated, and processed, giving the coffee drinker a closer feel of the origin.

Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation has been establishing strong relationships with companies since 1998. A pioneer in the coffee market supplier industry, it was the first to set up branches in Mindanao in 2006 to 2007 and in the Visayas region in 2008. It currently operates in 10 key market locations throughout the Philippines, including Metro Manila, Cagayan de Oro, Davao City, Cebu City, Puerto Prinsesa City, Palawan, Baguio City, Naga City, Pampanga, and Iloilo. 

Part of its mission of supporting young entrepreneurs building a coffee business, Equilibrium also shares its years of expertise through an affiliated international school. Equilibrium takes passion not just in getting these budding businessmen the right tools and coffee education to get started, but also to keep their craft alive and flourishing by providing technical support, business solutions, as well as keeping them abreast of industry trends. 

To place your orders, visit Equilibrium Intertrade Corporation’s website at or follow them on their Facebook page at You may also contact Equilibrium at 0956-264-4712.


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