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Swiss-Belhotel PH Properties centers on ‘Commitment to Health, Safety, Hygiene’ amid COVID-19

Valero Grand Suites by Swiss-Belhotel promises guests with safe hotel stays by observing international standards of hygiene and cleanliness.

With leisure travel still largely on hold, Philippines properties’ of international hotel chain Swiss-Belhotel International (SBI) continue to thrive amidst the pandemic by serving as a safe lodging to essential workers and business-related activities in the bustling metro.

Following their mother company’s high international standards, Valero Grand Suites by Swiss-Belhotel in Makati and Swiss-Belhotel Blulane in Manila mitigate risk of COVID-19 spread by intensifying cleaning procedures focusing on their “commitment to health, safety, and hygiene” albeit the short preparation time. 

While welcoming the new normal entails greater responsibility for the hospitality industry, both the properties look no further as they remain committed to their core – their so-called culture of Passion and Professionalism™ wherein they promise a safe environment to their guests and staff so they can stay with ease and conduct business with confidence.

Following science-led protocols, safety measures, and guidelines by the National Government, the branded hotels take great pleasure in continuously providing guests with comfortable and safe stays while being guided by Swiss-Belhotel’s promise.

Acrylic screens are placed in the reception area for extra protection between guests and staff. | Valero Grand Suites by Swiss-Belhotel

The Makati-based property rolled out their “10 commitments to health, safety, and hygiene” including the following practices:

  • Frequently reminding the guests and associates to keep a safe distance between themselves and other people
  • Continuously intensifying the cleaning standards
  • Continuous disinfection of high touch points within the hotel premises
  • Upgraded elevators by equipping air purifiers (HEPA filter)
  • Installed acrylic screens to minimize and eliminate the spread of COVID-19
  • Reminding the employees to clean and wash their hands every 30 minutes

To further reassure guests that proper disinfection and sanitation has been made, each room is marked with a seal. Remote controls are also placed in disposable bags for germ protection.  

Prior to guest check-in, key cards are being disinfected through internally-developed disinfecting boxes.

Following recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO), heightened cleaning and sanitation are also being practiced especially in frequently-touched areas within the hotel premises.

Aside from installing air purifiers (HEPA Filter) on all elevators, the hotel also equipped its restrooms with machines to ensure that the air circulating in common areas is safe and clean.

Sky Touch Global is an Australian-based independent global security consulting company highly qualified and experienced in Hotel operations, security management and high-risk security.

An excerpt from the study reads: “The ‘We Reassure Safety Program’ is a holistic method that looks at all aspects of the business. Besides the increased hygiene standards, SBI goes a step further and promises to comply with international standards for the maintenance of all mechanical ventilation systems in accordance with the relevant inspection and cleaning protocols. This is part of the international COVID-19 guidelines. SBI also made changes to the room allocation and introduced a ‘24-hour breathing room period’ between guests checking in and checking out. In my opinion, this is feasible as long as hotels are not booked to capacity.”

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