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OCTOBER 27, 2022

We all go through a variety of moods and feelings during different times of the day, and what we eat or drink usually depends on a particular mood we’re feeling. For coffee lovers like us, getting our caffeine fix easily brightens our mood and keeps us energized throughout the day. Here, we list down the reasons why NESCAFÉ Brown, with its new mas masarap taste, is the perfect brown coffee to instantly lift our spirits and improve our mood.

Strong and sweet

There are days when you have a full day ahead of you and you’re in the mood for a strong cup of coffee to start your day.

For stay-at-home super mom Roma, it’s taking care of her 1-year-old baby. Her favorite cup of NESCAFÉ Brown keeps her feeling energized throughout the day, with its caramely-taste and the right amount of strength to keep her going.

“Juggling house chores and going out to buy grocery with two little kids can be a real challenge day in and day out,” Roma shares. “So before I start my day, I make sure I get my caffeine fix. This brown coffee mix from Nescafe is both strong and sweet—it’s perfect for me.”

The perfect pick-me-up

When your job requires you to move around all day, drinking the perfect cup of coffee helps you to stay productive and alert.

Young Medical Doctor RJ spends most of his shifts on his feet, walking around to check on patients and write medical reports. On afternoons when his energy is low, he turns to NESCAFÉ Brown paired with pandesal or any light snack for that perfect pick-me-up that will last him for the remainder of his work hours.

“It’s fulfilling to help other people, especially during times like these. But there are days when all the effort can really take a toll on me. Good thing I have NESCAFÉ Brown to keep my energy up, and I like how it’s caramel taste is the perfect partner for my meryenda,” RJ quips.

Virtual bonding over coffee

While going out to meet with friends is not safe for the moment, we still want to catch up with them from time to time. On days like this, Irene sets up a virtual meeting with her friends while drinking their favorite brown coffee. NESCAFÉ Brown sweet caramely-taste with just the right amount of strength gives her that same feel-good vibe she experiences when meeting friends in cafés.

“Whenever I miss going out with my friends for coffee, I just schedule an online get together with all of them to talk about anything and everything under the sun. And just so we can still feel like we’re meeting for coffee, we can make our own cups of NESCAFÉ Brown while bonding. It’s cheaper, but it has that strong, smooth taste that I want on my café coffee!”

Always better with family

On days when you just want to relax and enjoy being at home and spending time with family, nothing beats sharing a hot cup of coffee over great conversation.

Kath, a work-from-home young professional, spends her evenings at home with her parents and siblings, drinking NESCAFÉ Brown over their favorite dessert while telling each other about what happened to their day.

“I love it when my family and I would gather around the dinner table after a long day of work,” Kath says. “Whether it was a good day or a bad day, sharing stories with my family over a good cup of coffee always cheers me up and makes me feel better.”

While we go through our days at home or at work and experience different feelings during this time, we can always rely on NESCAFÉ Brown for the caramely-sweet taste of brown sugar and just the right coffee strength. Indeed, it’s ‘tamis-tapang na di mo inakala’


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