Five creative ideas to celebrate your quarantine birthday | Lifestyle.INQ

OCTOBER 27, 2022

Every year, the month of September signifies a special season for many Filipinos. Not only is it the official start of the country’s three-month-long Christmas celebration, it’s also the month with the most number of birthdays celebrated. 

Did you know that more than 300,000 Filipinos celebrate their birthdays in September? That’s a whole lot of cakes, lumpiang shanghai, and spaghetti in a single month.

But because of our current situation, our usual big gatherings to celebrate with family and friends are not yet possible. So we’ve come up with five fun and creative ideas to celebrate your birthday while in quarantine!

Birthday idea #1: Come up with Do-It-Yourself birthday décor

Personalize the designs for your birthday party decor using colorful paper crafts, balloons, and garlands to create a festive feel at home! For your lunch or dinner feast, you can even personalize your dinner table with fun table toppers that feature your old baby photos so everyone in the family can dote on your adorable pictures and reminisce about good times.

Birthday idea #2: Set an e-birthday celebration with friends

Birthdays are always best celebrated with friends, but who says you can’t talk to them even if you’re far away from each other? You can organize a virtual birthday meet up with your friends using your favorite online meeting platform and enjoy a unique e-celebration. You can even come up with online trivia games for your whole barkada to make it more exciting and fun!   

Birthday idea #3: Give back on your special day

One of the special things that you can do for your birthday is to support a cause that’s closest to your heart. To keep safe, you can make a donation through any of the available online platforms of non-government organizations that does the legwork for you. It can be support for the environment, for the children in need, or even those unemployed. It will be the kind of gift for yourself that becomes a gift for others as well. 

Birthday idea #4: Arrange a movie date while at home

While cinemas are obviously out of the question during this time, you can still hold movie dates with your friends and loved ones while at home. Choose from any of the subscription-based, on-demand streaming services that lets you watch with your friends, send e-invites for your scheduled date and time, and that’s it! Enjoy the virtual movie date with your friends less the expenses and the traffic. And since it’s your birthday, you get to choose which movie all of you will watch!

Birthday idea #5: Order greeting cakes in different colors and designs

Birthday celebrations, even those done at home, are definitely not complete without birthday cakes. And what better way to celebrate your birthday at home than to have pretty and delectable cakes to share with your whole family.

Goldilocks levels up their Greeting Cakes this year by adding in yummy creamy filling! Greeting Cakes are now available in four designs—Balloons, Celebrate, Unicorn, and their new Pastel Blooms design! No need for add-ons as all toppers are included. Their cakes are bigger and heavier, which means you get more cake with every slice!



Order them in all your favorite cake flavors—chocolate, mocha, or marble chiffon—and enjoy eating them as much as taking your birthday photos with them!

Birthdays are always made more special with Goldilocks Greeting Cakes! Visit or call your nearest Goldilocks store, or checkout and food aggregators to order.