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OCTOBER 27, 2022

xian lim piano youtube
Image: screengrab from YouTube/Xian Lim

Actor Xian Lim gave his fans a glimpse of his home through a virtual house tour recently. In the process, he showed his family’s love for the arts, and at some point, his piano-playing skills.

But one of the first things he revealed about himself from the house tour is his love of plants.

“As you guys can see, mahilig ako sa halaman (I am fond of plants). Pero ayoko noong term na plantito, parang ang tanda (But I don’t like the term plantito, it sounds like something for the old). But I love plants. It gives life [to] the whole place,” he said in the vlog, posted on his YouTube channel on Oct. 30

The living area of his house is a big open space without partitions; the high ceiling was made after the renovation. He then showed viewers his and his grandmother’s artworks.

“It is a mix of modern, ’70’s, ’80’s vibes,” he noted.

His showed his favorite place in the house: the living area which also holds a furniture he is mighty proud of. It’s a console table for TV made of onyx.

“As you guys can see, mahilig ako sa (I am fond of) rock formations or natural stone,” he said. He next showed an amethyst crystal. He also noted how he does not want guests feeling shy about sitting on his beautiful Mona L-shaped couch, about which he said, “Sometimes it gives that vibe, eh.”

On his way to the attic, Lim stopped by the stairs to show a Buddha.

“Ang placing ng buddha dapat facing the front door,” he explained. (A Buddha should always be positioned in such a way that it faces the front door.)

The attic meanwhile is where Lim and his friends chill. He then showed a book about origami, a 2017 painting called “Koya-Wag-Po,” and a couch which he actually bought even when he did not have his own house yet.


Later, Lim revealed that growing up, he never had the chance to dine with his family. This is why the dining area is very personal for him.

“I think I was raised that way. My mom would have her job. I would have my job. And my lola would have her thing going. So [it’s like] we never ate together as a family,” he recalled.

xian lim piano youtube
Image: screengrab from YouTube/Xian Lim

Among other items Lim showed were his grandmother’s clown collection, a piano which he also played for a piece by the virtuoso Franz Liszt, the gym area near the pool, a customized van, and his awards and trophies. JB


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